Telecom4Good Team Gaston Impano

Gaston Impano,

Senior Technical Full-Stack Engineer

Gaston Impano came to Telecom4Good at the end of 2020, assisting Telecom4Good as a Sr. Technical Full-Stack Engineer in Kigali, Rwanda, supporting high-end technical needs.

Gaston grew up in the Telecom industry and has a deep connection to technology. He feels that technology and communication is a basic human right that should be affordable to all.

Gaston is our specialized technical advisor and engineer that supports our NGOs with a large variety of equipment, applications and cloud-based solutions including Cisco, Sophos Cyberoam, Microsoft, Raduin Olvario, Dell, HP, Kaspersky, Intel, IBM, AWS, Azure, and AOS.

Gaston is Cisco CCNP Certificated and has had extensive education in IT for more than 12 years.

Gaston was responsible for complete product design and deployment and support of over 1200+ VPN and internet broadband clients.

In Gaston’s free time he enjoys adventure traveling, supporting NGOs in their mission work, spending time with his family, and continued education. Gaston feels that the mind never sleeps, and his education never stops.