Telecom4Good Team Juma Wemali

Juma Wemali,

Senior Full-Stack Technical Engineer

Juma Wemali came to Telecom4Good in at the end of 2018, assisting Telecom4Good as a Sr. Full-stack Technical Engineer in Nairobi, Kenya supporting our global NGOs IT challenges. Juma leads our NGO IT Help Desk to solve the IT challenges that impact our clients every day.

Juma is a Visionary and creative thinker with strengths in using existing and emerging technologies when planning and designing IT and Networking solutions.

Juma holds specializations certificates with Cisco for CCNA, CMNA and Cisco verified level 200. He has done extensive training with Cisco Meraki and this has enabled him to deploy Meraki equipment both in-person and remotely. Juma is our lead technology trainer for technical and non-technical staff on utilizing/managing the Meraki dashboards and networks.

Juma is also CompTIA A+ certified and understands the cutting-edge fundamentals of computer hardware and software. He can troubleshoot a wide range of devices remotely and in person.

During his free time, he loves listening to music along with his passion for chicken which he enjoys eating every day.