NGO-Dedicated Internet Co-op

Our partnership with Roke Telkom takes internet connectivity and pricing in Uganda to the next level for our Internet Cooperative participants. Together, we have secured an NGO-dedicated internet program, which uses Google’s fibre network. This opportunity to lower your internet costs and improve your connectivity is exclusively for NGOs, exclusively through our Co-op.

Our Internet Co-op enables NGOs to save on internet costs by joining forces with neighboring organizations. Through the Co-op, we negotiate the internet bandwidth of 2+ nonprofit organizations in a specific region to reduce the cost of internet services by at least 30-55% for each organization. Every aggregated megabyte of Internet makes a difference—each added megabyte can lower the cost of internet service by up to 15% for each participant.

Better Internet for Bigger Impact

As more NGOs in Kampala and across the country join the Internet Co-Op, the rates for everyone involved will drop. The resilient fibre network ensures wide and stable coverage for all Co-op participants. Having faster, more reliable internet connection will not only save you precious resources, it will also boost your staff productivity, organizational efficiency, and programmatic impact.

National and International Connection

The fibre network is set up to accommodate organizations with multiple branches, both in-country and internationally. The network goes through Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya. Meeting the need to share resources for scalability, cost control, and efficiency are hallmark features of our Internet Cooperative. For our partners located elsewhere in East and West Africa, read about the different internet solutions available from local providers.

Telecom4Good and Roke Telkom are building global partnerships and giving back to the communities where our partners work. Our missions align to provide the best internet service to the NGOs doing the most good in Uganda.

Our Partners at Roke Telkom

Roke Telkom’s vision includes nationwide coverage in Uganda and expanding their network presence in Africa. They supply an access network with a hybrid of technologies based on the client’s physical location, providing Google fibre using GPON technology, Gigabit Ethernet, and/or fixed wireless. The durable fibre network consists of a terrestrial and submarine infrastructure, ensuring wide and stable coverage.

Roke Telkom already strives to have affordable and competitive internet pricing, and the collaborative Internet Cooperative model allows them to offer up to 55% savings for our partnering NGOs. Through the BAP, we also negotiate continued quality service and support for participants.

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The BAP Uganda has been a progressive and caring collaboration with Telecom4Good. Philanthropic activity is at the core of our values. We are happy to be part of development with a compassionate and supportive mindset.

Alex Bazirake, Account Manager

BAP Uganda Extras

Because of Roke Telkom’s commitment to technology for good, they have offered to partner with NGOs beyond the Internet Co-op discounts. For BAP participants, Roke provides backup wireless internet at no monthly fee after a one-time equipment charge. This backup operates through an automatic failover device.

Our friends at Roke Telkom also support our efforts to bring online learning and job readiness training to refugees in Uganda. Roke is supplying NGOs within and surrounding the refugee settlements at Nakivale and Bidi Bidi with heavily discounted or free internet. This is an opportunity to create online and off-line connections.

Get Connected with Internet Co-op Uganda!

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Get connected in Uganda with Roke Telkom and the Bandwidth Aggregation Program to start saving with better, faster internet.