Bandwidth Aggregation Program

​​Strength in Collaboration

Our Bandwidth Aggregation Program (BAP) allows nonprofit and humanitarian organizations to receive quality Internet service at exceptional prices around the globe. The program is designed to leverage the power of collaboration between NGOs working within the same area to reduce the cost of Internet services. 


There is strength in collaboration. Telecom4Good works directly with nonprofit organizations to increase quality and minimize costs. Our Bandwidth Aggregation Program (BAP) helps NGOs save more when working with multiple organizations in the same area. Through the BAP, we negotiate the Internet bandwidth of 2+ organizations in a specific region to reduce the cost of Internet services by at least 30-55% for each organization.


The BAP also provides nonprofit organizations with the confidence of continued quality service and support. When NGOs aggregate bandwidth, we negotiate contractual terms with 129+ Internet Service Providers (ISP) globally, protecting each NGO against less than contracted service and support. BAP participants have added clauses to terminate their agreements with ISPs without penalties if the service quality changes during the term of the contract.


Increasing the participation of local NGOs means greater savings for all participants. It is this collaborative model that allows us to provide up to 55% savings for our partnering NGOs. Every aggregated megabyte of bandwidth makes a difference and each added megabyte can lower the cost of Internet service by up to 15% for each participant. ​Exclusively through Telecom4Good, BAP participants also save 75% off Cisco Meraki equipment and licenses.



Have an Office in Uganda?

Our new partnership with Roke Telkom means we can get you the best Internet prices for your Ugandan branch offices​​

"Telecom4Good has provided us with an excellent one-stop experience for our network connectivity advice and equipment. The experience and local knowledge of the service providers really helped us with our setup and configuration. Being available for advice and consultation during setup and addressing issues has proved invaluable. I would definitely recommend T4G for any network design, provisioning, and/or setup."

-Marc Nations, System Administrator, Women for Women International

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