Community Impact

Telecom4Good strives to make quantifiable community impact with every program we create. Our goal is to lower costs, increase capacity, and encourage collaboration through the use of technology and communications.

Our Bandwidth Aggregation Program (BAP) was created to help lower the cost and improve the quality of Internet services within Africa and around the world.

Bandwidth Aggregation Program (BAP)

NGO Customer


Total Offices


Aggregated Internet

518 Mbps

Monthly Savings


Monthly Savings

Cisco Meraki Nonprofit Discount Program


NGO Customers


Total Offices



Monthly Savings

​More Community Impact information coming soon!

Telecom4Good takes pride in being a group of individuals that think outside the box. We continually look to find new ideas and programs that help NGOs and the communities they work in more efficiently!
Special Projects & Managed Services
Telecom4Good provides NGOs with detailed research of ISP’s pricing and quality within each region of the world. Whether you are looking for an ISP for a single location in Africa or for all of your offices globally, we will provide the information to help you make the very best decision to meet your needs.

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