Cisco Meraki Equipment Collection

Maximize Your Disaster Relief Efforts Through Communication

We pride ourselves on providing strategy and acting quickly in times of need. Working alongside first responders in the affected areas, we assess the damage and find the most effective network solution. We deploy access points, firewalls, network switches, IP phones, and all-weather HD security cameras for relief organizations on the ground.

Once the equipment arrives, we offer configuration and setup assistance, along with monitoring and management of all the Meraki equipment in use, so that relief workers can focus on helping those in need. Proper tools allow relief teams to meet basic necessities and lift morale through communication.

Our Disaster Relief Program is completely cost-free to our nonprofit partners. Our top priority is to build on-demand wireless communication networks where natural disasters strike. 

When The Disaster Subsides

The donated Meraki equipment is exclusively for use during the disaster relief period. Once the area is stable with power and internet service, the equipment is returned to us so we can send the equipment to other affected communities around the world that are suffering from natural disasters.

Our seamless delivery, management, and recovery of cost-free Cisco Meraki equipment gives first responders and disaster relief teams the infrastructure they need to carry out their vital services and communicate effectively with the public. We work with humanitarian organizations around the world to do the most good during emergency situations.

Disaster Relief Supplies

Be Prepared When Disaster Strikes

Make sure your organization is prepared to quickly and efficiently build a secure internet network when faced with a natural disaster. Contact us below to learn more about our Disaster Relief Program.