Disaster Response Donation Program

During emergencies and following natural disasters, communication channels take a hit while ​becoming imperative to survival. Proper communications allow relief workers on the ground to maintain life, meet basic needs, and lift morale of those living through the disaster.

Immediate Deployment

It’s simple. We take action by shipping free, high-quality telecom equipment to the disaster area. The equipment is donated by our long-term partner, Cisco Meraki. Our goal is to work with first responders to determine what is needed and where so that communication networks can be set up immediately and efficiently. When disaster strikes, Telecom4Good is ready with Cisco Meraki equipment available for deployment.

Installing Stable
Wi-Fi Networks

We deploy essential Wi-Fi equipment to facilitate response efforts, including firewalls, network switches, indoor/outdoor access points with antennas that broadcast Internet signal, and all-weather HD security cameras. Our equipment helps first responders contain the emergency, protect the safety of personnel, and provide the public with crucial information that puts them on the path to recovery.  

Focusing on Relief Efforts

To mitigate confusion, we coordinate with first responders to plan the Meraki equipment deployment. We provide configuration and setup assistance along with equipment monitoring so that relief workers can focus on helping people. Once the area is stable, the equipment is returned to us using Telecom4Good funds. Then we service the equipment and deploy it to other affected areas in the world.

We want to be part of your relief efforts.

using strategy and quick action for direct relief

Our seamless delivery, management, and recovery of Cisco Meraki equipment gives first responders and disaster relief teams the needed infrastructure to continue their vital work and communicate effectively with the public. Telecom4Good aims to support the work of nonprofit and humanitarian organizations around the world to do the most good, especially in emergency situations.

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