Increase Productivity With Planning

Through the partner-sponsored* Global Network Assessment Program (GNAP), we evaluate local and global networks in order to streamline your IT systems. The goal is to improve the functionality of the equipmentpartner-sponsored and network services for all your branches. GNAP participants develop a plan that accommodates the budgets and goals of each office as part of a cohesive IT plan. We want each of your offices to feel confident that the decisions being made are beneficial to them and the entire organization.

*Proceeds from this partner-sponsored service support our cost-free programs for other nonprofit partners and community centers in need.

Technology Strategy

Improve Operations Through Coordination

The GNAP is a 5-phase program that allows us to align the IT wants and needs of your headquarters and country offices, assess possible solutions, and coordinate implementation for a new technology system.

Global Network Assessment Program Process
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The challenge is having our headquarters in Texas and a satellite office in Ethiopia. We don’t have the budget for a dedicated IT staff in Ethiopia, and this creates barriers—we often aren’t aware that a problem exists, we don’t always understand the root causes, and we struggle to find and implement solutions. The value of the GNAP was having an IT expert who is also familiar with challenges in developing countries. Telecom4Good added value immediately and in ways that I hadn’t even considered. We truly appreciate their dedication to helping improve ‘all things tech’ in our Ethiopia office, and feel fortunate to have them on our team. They make it so easy for us!

Stephanie FastChief Financial Officer

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Find IT Solutions

Through intentional fact-finding, including online questionnaires and conference calls, we work together with your headquarters and country offices to uncover and understand each office’s unique IT challenges. Our step-by-step Global Network Assessment Program process evaluates local and global networks to facilitate customized improvements that streamline your IT systems at the country level and organization-wide.

Beyond the Initial Assessment

If you'd like to dig deeper than our remote GNAP facilitation, we offer onsite IT system assessments and training. This is ideal for field offices who need extra support due to difficult-to-address challenges or those who are preparing for a growth period and want to be as equipped as possible.

Start Your Global Network Assessment

Assess and streamline your IT strategy to save time, money, and internal resources. Set up a call with our GNAP team to discuss how we can improve your network and get your offices more connected.