Global Network Assessment and Improvement Program

​​​Increasing Productivity and Functionality through Planning

​​Our fee-based Global Network Assessment and Improvement Program brings together centralized and decentralized operations in an organization by exploring ways to improve the functionality of IT and network services for all branches.

More Efficient, More Productive

In today’s globalized society, many NGOs operate in a decentralized local office environment. They make their operating decisions independently of their organization’s headquarters. This structure can allow for greater creativity by lessening the obstacles NGOs face when dealing with the bureaucracy of global offices, but it does not allow for local offices to reap the benefits of bulk purchasing.

​​​Assessment and Analysis

​Telecom4Good’s Global Network Assessment and Improvement Program (GNAIP) evaluates local and global networks in order to streamline organizations' IT systems. Recommendations are based on in-depth fact-finding, including online questionnaires and conference calls with NGO directors and stakeholders. By streamlining your IT strategy, we can save your organization time, money and internal resources.

Collaborate and Implement

​Telecom4Good continuously communicates with individual offices by sharing results or suggestions so every office can be confident that the decisions being made are beneficial to the entire organization. GNAIP participants then develop a plan that accommodates the budgets and organizational goals of each office. Our team oversees the implementation and revision of the new cohesive IT plan.

Improving operations through coordination

Through a clear line of communication and our relationships with telecom providers, we are able to bridge the gap between local offices and headquarters. The proceeds from this fee-based program support our no-cost programs, which we offer to nonprofits and community centers in need.

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