Community Development Through Technology

ICT4D, or Information and Communication Technology for Development, lies at the heart of our mission to serve other nonprofits and communities through technology. We believe in the power of technology as a tool for improving social, economic, and political inequalities. Our ICT4D programs are free of charge and have direct impact by equipping nonprofits and communities with the IT strategy and equipment they need to spark positive change and progress without increasing operational expenses.

In partnership with DisasterReady, Humentum, and local NGOs, refugee participants gain access to online learning opportunities to prepare for employment in the humanitarian sector.

We connect schools and health centers to the internet so they can gain the knowledge and online resources they need to thrive and better serve their communities.

We work with local internet service providers and nonprofits like you to provide a no-cost online learning portal to local communities.

In partnership with Cisco Meraki, we loan telecommunications equipment to support disaster relief efforts and build functional communication networks where natural disasters strike.

Ask us about our ICT4D Programs

Our programs exist to fill gaps in access to technology. Contact us to discuss how you can start using technology for good in your nonprofit and community.