Cisco Meraki Risk-Free Trial Program

Testing Technology to Find the Right Fit

​The Cisco Meraki Risk-Free Trial Program allows nonprofit organizations to test equipment in their own environment for free for 30 days. Our trial period provides a side-by-side comparison of your existing network equipment with Cisco Meraki's.

How does the risk-free trial work?

​Telecom4Good trains someone in your organization one-on-one to set up the equipment and get it integrated into the existing network. We supplement the experience with extensive training so your nonprofit can fully understand how the equipment works before deciding to invest.

What equipment is available?

​We loan Cisco Meraki security appliances, access points, switches, security cameras, and IP phones. We want to make your work easier by using professional-grade technologies. The trial equipment does not block your current systems and provides a real-time contextual comparison.

What happens after the trial?

​We offer free trials so that nonprofits with limited resources can experience a high-functioning corporate-level setup without a financial commitment. After the trial, if you decide to purchase Meraki equipment, you will receive a 50%-75% discount on equipment and licenses through Telecom4Good.

Our trial program allows for in-house testing of top-quality telecommunications equipment free of risk and commitment.

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