Cisco Meraki Nonprofit Discount Program

​​Maximize Impact, Minimize Spending

Telecom4Good offers significant discounts on Cisco Meraki equipment to help humanitarian nonprofits manage their global networks from a single dashboard. These exclusive discounts are only available through Telecom4Good.

What is Meraki Cloud Technology?

The Cisco Meraki cloud-based solution is used by thousands of companies to manage a large volume of devices without having to deploy additional IT staff. The goal of this program is to equip nonprofits with the technology they need to boost their efficiency.

Which equipment is available at a discount?

Our Cisco Meraki Nonprofit Discount Program covers the full product line of Meraki equipment and licensing, such as access points, ​security appliances, switches, security cameras, and mobile device management. The equipment is managed from a single dashboard.

Who is eligible for this discount program?

Any nonprofit organization that partners with Telecom4Good receives a 50% discount on Cisco Meraki equipment and licensing. Nonprofits who take advantage of our Bandwidth Aggregation Program benefit from 75% off Meraki equipment and licensing for each location.

Telecom4Good's Exceptional Discounts only for Nonprofit Organizations


All nonprofit organizations that partner with Telecom4Good receive a 50% discount on Cisco Meraki equipment and licensing at each location.


Nonprofits that participate in our Bandwidth Aggregation Program benefit from a 75% discount on Cisco Meraki equipment and licensing at each location.

Top-Quality Equipment and Service at Affordable Prices

We don’t want budget or access to be a barrier for nonprofits to get the IT equipment they need. Our discount program allows organizations to invest in top-quality Cisco Meraki technology without the financial burden normally associated with IT upgrades.

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