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No Cost Programs

There is strength in collaboration—join together to save together. Telecom4Good’s Bandwidth Aggregation Program (BAP) helps NGOs save on Internet costs by working together.

Telecom4Good aims to provide safe and secure Internet service to rural schools and health centers in underdeveloped communities.

Telecom4Good offers significant discounts on Cisco Meraki access points, security appliances, switches, VOIP phones, security cameras, and mobile device management.

Borrow Cisco Meraki equipment to build wireless communications networks during the critical period after natural disasters strike

Foster development in surrounding communities through access to educational resources and Internet connection

Test out different Cisco Meraki equipment in your own environment risk-free for 30 days

Fee Based Programs

All revenues from our fee based programs are used to fund our no cost programs!

Bridge the gap between your local offices and headquarters by finding IT solutions that improve your entire organization

Benefit from an on-demand IT team without draining time, staff, or resources from your programmatic efforts

​Our Programs

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