Greenbelt Academy Internet Satellite

Internet Access For Community-Wide Development

With the School and Health Center Technology Program, we offer cost-free Wi-Fi and Cisco Meraki equipment to facilitate the work that educators, health workers, and community leaders do best. By providing these community hubs with access to secure internet, they can take their efforts to new heights through the knowledge and connections found online.

The internet is the most efficient way to share educational materials, allowing people to learn from contexts outside their current environments. As internet users apply their newfound knowledge, they can create concrete solutions to their communities’ existing and future problems. Schools and health centers are rich in potential to make a positive impact in people’s lives, especially when they’re equipped with the technology they need to fuel progress.

Learn how Greenbelt Academy in Bor, South Sudan is using their new Wi-Fi connection to learn, grow, and connect with donors.

Our Cost-Free Commitment

This program is funded by a commitment of 75 cents of every dollar earned through our partner-sponsored Technology Strategy & Support Services. We take full responsibility for the costs and management associated with giving secure internet service to those who can use it to do good—from negotiation with the provider and shipping equipment to installation and maintenance. Our school and health center partners carry none of the burden and receive all of the benefits.

Connect a School or Health Center

Know a school or health center who could benefit from getting connected to the internet? Let us know!