​We Give Free Meraki

We Give Free Meraki is a partnership between Telecom4Good and Cisco Meraki to help create local communications networks where natural disasters happen. Telecom4Good along with 1st responders in the locally affected area assess the damage and strategist to create a plan to deploy no-cost network firewalls, indoor and outdoor access points to broadcast the Internet signal along with network switches, IP phones and indoor and outdoor cameras ​to direct relief organizations helping those is a need. The donated equipment is for the period direct relief efforts. Once the area is stable with power and Internet service, the equipment is returned to Telecom4Good so that we can deploy the Meraki equipment to other affected cities in the world that have natural disasters. We pride ourselves on thinking strategically and acting quickly in times of need so that we can provide more considerable support to those in need.

Telecom4Good provide configuration and setup assistance along with monitoring and management of all of the Meraki equipment deployed so that the relief workers can focus on helping others.

Think Strategically, Act Quickly & Maximize Your Direct Relief Effectiveness!

​To learn more about We Give Free Meraki and prepare your organization with a plan to quickly and efficiently build out a secure private as well as a public local area Wi-Fi network, please fill out our form below.

Telecom4Good takes pride in being a group of individuals that think outside the box. We continually look to find new ideas and programs that help NGOs and the communities they work in more efficiently!
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Telecom4Good provides NGOs with detailed research of ISP’s pricing and quality within each region of the world. Whether you are looking for an ISP for a single location in Africa or for all of your offices globally, we will provide the information to help you make the very best decision to meet your needs.

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