What We Do

Telecom4Good is a nonprofit that improves lives through high-quality, cost-effective communications solutions. We are committed to providing network strategies and technology-focused programs to other nonprofits around the world. Our work allows organizations to increase their programmatic impact while decreasing their IT costs.

Our model is simple: we believe Collaboration + Action = Impact. We create no-cost programs that save our partners money and internal resources on research, negotiation, implementation, and management of IT networks so they can focus on what they do best—developing their own programs for communities in need. Telecom4Good is a centralized, no-cost resource for humanitarian organizations who want to reduce or eliminate the burden of IT procurement and management.

The two fee-based programs we offer are for NGOs searching for specialized support to amp up their telecommunications systems while avoiding the overhead cost of a fully staffed IT department. We use the funds from these fee-based programs to continue to bring our no-cost programs to more organizations and communities.

Telecom4Good takes pride in being a group of individuals that think outside the box. We continually look to find new ideas and programs that help NGOs and the communities they work in more efficiently!
Special Projects & Managed Services
Telecom4Good provides NGOs with detailed research of ISP’s pricing and quality within each region of the world. Whether you are looking for an ISP for a single location in Africa or for all of your offices globally, we will provide the information to help you make the very best decision to meet your needs.

Our Programs

Our flagship program, the Bandwidth Aggregation Program​, provides resources and expertise to determine the best Internet service provider (ISP) for your unique needs and lowers your rates through collaboration with other nonprofits in your area. Our other programs focus on providing equipment, access, and Internet infrastructure to those who need it most.

Leverage the power of collaboration with neighboring NGOs to save 30-55% on Internet costs

Empower centers of learning and healing through knowledge found on the Internet​​

​​Redeem exclusive discounts on top-quality equipment to improve efficiency and impact

Borrow Cisco Meraki equipment to build wireless communications networks during the critical period after natural disasters strike

Foster development in surrounding communities through access to educational resources and Internet connection

Test out different Cisco Meraki equipment in your own environment risk-free for 30 days

Special Projects & Managed Services

Telecom4Good takes pride in being a group of individuals who think outside the box. We continually create new ideas and programs that help NGOs and the communities where they work! Our select fee-based programs take nonprofit IT systems to the next level and help fund the programs we offer at no-cost.

Bridge the gap between your local offices and headquarters by finding IT solutions that improve your entire organization

Benefit from an on-demand IT team without draining time, staff, or resources from your programmatic efforts

​Our Programs

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