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Band Together to Save Together

With the Bandwidth Aggregation Program (BAP), you will reduce your IT costs and we negotiate better internet connection on your behalf. The contracts we negotiate with local internet service providers through the BAP allow you to terminate the agreement without penalties if the service quality changes during the term of the contract.

Joining the Bandwidth Aggregation Program is completely cost-free, created exclusively for nonprofit organizations doing good around the world. Participating NGOs share the internet discount without any programmatic or budgetary commitment with fellow BAP members.

Bigger Savings, Bigger Impact

This opportunity to connect to a reliable network through our Bandwidth Aggregation Program will not only save you precious resources, it will also boost your staff productivity, organizational efficiency, and programmatic impact. By saving 30-60% on your monthly internet bill, those funds can go toward your mission-impact and staff development.

Talk with your neighboring NGOs about joining the Bandwidth Aggregation Program and you all can start saving on better, faster internet.

Group Work Table


 NGO Partners

611 Mbps

of Internet Provided 


Offices in Africa

$129, 552

Saved monthly

Bandwidth Aggregation Program Around the World



BAP Africa

For our partners located in East and West Africa, read about the different internet solutions available from local providers.

BAP Uganda

Our partnership with Roke Telkom means we can connect your offices in Uganda to an extensive Google fibre and wireless network throughout the country and the surrounding areas at the best prices. Get better internet quality at lower costs with BAP Uganda.

Low-Cost Satellite Option

Introducing a new internet solution to NGOs with offices in Iraq, Afghanistan, and much of Africa. Whether you need a low-cost primary source of connection or a backup to your current network, we have a partner provider who uses small equipment with large capacity.

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Before working with Telecom4Good, we just crossed our fingers, especially for ISPs [internet service providers] abroad. We have IT people in each country, but at headquarters, I can’t know the right resources in that many locations. I'm glad Telecom4Good does. It was Telecom4Good's help with contracting that allowed us to find the best ISPs—there was no other way we could have done that in all our countries without support. Their facilitation for pricing and understanding how other NGOs use their services to set up with an ISP was also valuable. It’s not a question of engineering, but rather connecting people.

Marc Nations, Systems Administrator

Discounted Network Equipment for Nonprofits

Discounted Network Equipment for Nonprofits

As an extra perk for BAP members, we can facilitate a 75% discount on all Cisco Meraki equipment and licensing for all your office locations. Meraki equipment will not only help you get and stay connected, it will also allow you to manage all your networks from a single dashboard. 

Our Bandwidth Aggregation Program and Cisco Meraki discount are completely free to access. As a nonprofit just like you, we aim to provide the best technology to the NGOs doing the most good in communities.

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