Bandwidth Aggregation Program (BAP)

Bandwidth Aggregation Program

Telecom4Good’s branded Bandwidth Aggregation Program (BAP) is exclusive to NGOs that work together to leverage their buying power in rural areas in Africa and around the world. This program is only available through Telecom4Good and offered exclusively to Nonprofit NGOs/Humanitarian organizations

Telecom4Good’s greatest value to NGOs is our relationship with more than 129 Internet Service Providers throughout Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Southeast Asia.  Telecom4good’s Bandwidth Aggregation Program (BAP) is designed to leverage the power of collaboration with NGOs in concentrated areas to further reduce the cost of Internet services. 

​NGOs that purchase Internet services through our Bandwidth Aggregation Program (BAP) receive significant pricing discounts and favorable contractual terms to meet their business needs. When Telecom4Good negotiates the Internet bandwidth of 2+ NGOs in a specific region, the cost of Internet service is reduced 30-55%. The power of many NGOs is far greater than the power of just one.

Telecom4Good helps NGOs procure Internet services in countries around the world. Africa is our most developed region to provide the greatest assistance to NGOs. Options for Internet service providers and pricing can be provided by using our pricing request portal at Request Pricing.

Telecom4Good continues to develop new Internet service provider relationships at the requests of NGOs. If you require services in a country that we do not currently have on our map, please reach out to us to see where we are within that country and how we may be able to assist.

When NGOs Collaborate with Neighboring Organizations,
Everyone Saves!

To participate in Telecom4Good’s Bandwidth Aggregation Program (BAP), use the Participate Button Below. If participating office knows of other NGOs within their local region and would like to introduce Telecom4Good to help aggregate other NGOs Internet service, all participating NGOs can benefit from the lower costs​.

Additional Details

Telecom4Good negotiates purchases of Internet service for the NGOs in a region. Each NGO has a separate contract and receives their monthly invoice for service independently of other NGOs. Your participation affects the pricing for all NGOs within a region, but you are not contractually tied to any other NGO. If you cancel your service during or after the term of your contract, it does not affect the pricing for other participating NGOs.

In addition, each NGO can add additional contractual terms to the order form. Telecom4Good per-negotiates contractual terms for Termination for Cause and Chronic Outages to protect the NGOs against degraded service throughout the contract term.

Telecom4Good takes pride in being a group of individuals that think outside the box. We continually look to find new ideas and programs that help NGOs and the communities they work in more efficiently!
Special Projects & Managed Services
Telecom4Good provides NGOs with detailed research of ISP’s pricing and quality within each region of the world. Whether you are looking for an ISP for a single location in Africa or for all of your offices globally, we will provide the information to help you make the very best decision to meet your needs.

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