Telecom4Good / Cisco Meraki Nonprofit Discount Program

Making The World's Most Powerful Networking Equipment Affordable for Nonprofits LIKE YOURS

Imagine what you could do with 50% or more in savings on internet technology and associated services through Telecom4Good’s Meraki Nonprofit Discount Program. We can help you take your organization’s internet
technology to the next level, resulting in better utilization of financial and human resources.


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Telecom4Good and Cisco Meraki partnered in 2016 to create a Nonprofit Discount Program providing nonprofit organizations 50% or more off equipment, licenses, and license renewals they need to accomplish their missions globally exclusively through Telecom4Good.

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Nonprofits Save 50% or More on Cisco Meraki Technology Through Telecom4Good

Our Cisco Meraki Discount program is available to nonprofits and NGOs. When you order through Telecom4Good, your nonprofit receives a 50% discount or more on all Meraki equipment and licensing. These exclusive discounts are only available through Telecom4Good and are completely free to access—our mission is to support fellow nonprofits through technology. Wholesale Internet Cooperative Program participants benefit from 75% off!

In collaboration with Cisco Meraki, we have everything you need to manage your global communications. Find out which equipment is best for you and your network.

Don't let your budget be the barrier to Optimized Bandwidth and Increased Productivity

In many countries in Africa, Internet bandwidth costs more than $500 per megabyte. That is a cost that will severely impact the bottom line of any organization. Here's the solution.

With a Meraki firewall or access point in place you can quickly evaluate, optimize, and manage network traffic or restrict specific sites/apps from a cloud-based dashboard. Let Telecom4Good help ensure your staff is on task and staying productive as possible.

The Best Equipment for Your Nonprofit

How do the world’s leading nonprofits and NGOs like Global Communities, IntraHealth, Medair, Management Sciences for Health, Samaritan’s Purse, SOS Children’s Villages, Save the Children, and World Vision manage their most rural, budget-pressed offices worldwide? Simple…with access points, routing, switching, and security equipment provided by Telecom4Good’s partner, Cisco Meraki.

Cisco Meraki equipment has forever changed networking. These powerful products are easy to install, configure, and manage. They provide consistent, secure network performance in any environment. Switching to Meraki will change the way your organization operates and serves the communities where you work.

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Putting Your Technology Savings to Where They're Needed Most!

Our partners have used the savings by taking advantage of our discounts program to help improve the lives of those that need it most.

With more efficient network resources, they will be better able to:

• Make health care accessible in remote, rural regions
• Provide eye exams and corrective glasses'
• Test for COVID-19 and distribute vaccinations
• Administer life-saving malaria medications
• Support the rights and well-being of women and children
• Assist displaced families and refugees
• Reduce AIDs in Africa and other parts of the world
• Fight for social and economic equality for all
• Preserve the basic rights of those that need them the most

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Cisco Meraki Nonprofit Trial

Technology is not one-size-fits-all. Your IT solutions should be tailored to your unique office setup and location, but finding the right fit can be expensive and difficult to acquire. We coordinate with Cisco Meraki to allow your nonprofit organization to test Meraki products for free for up to 30 days. 

You can test trial Meraki equipment in your existing network setup, giving you a side-by-side comparison. The equipment does not block your current systems and we can arrange supplemental training so your nonprofit can fully understand how the equipment works before deciding to invest.

Purchase is NOT required to enter the trial or upon completion. If you decide which Meraki equipment will add value to your IT system, you can use our 50% discount when you buy.

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Working with Telecom4Good was outstanding. They have top-notch customer service. When we came to Telecom4Good, we were new to Cisco Meraki technology. They were prompt in their responses and took the time to help us learn and configure our new system. I felt very comfortable with them and trusted their judgment in ordering the correct amount and type of equipment. I have no desire to shop around for another equipment supplier and even plan to make follow-up purchases through Telecom4Good in the future.

Christian OcampoIT Manager

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Facilitation and Partnership

The Cisco Meraki Nonprofit Program is more than just access to discounted equipment or a free trial. As a nonprofit ourselves, we are your partners and collaborators—that's why the support you receive from the Cisco Meraki Nonprofit Program is completely cost-free. We are happy to advise you with equipment suggestions that are customized to your NGO, your networks, and your country offices' infrastructures. We can also provide individualized support as you set up your Meraki equipment and navigate the management dashboard. If you feel equipped and ready to take on your mission, our mission is fulfilled. 

Get Started with the Cisco Meraki Nonprofit Program

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Nonprofits deserve top-quality technology without the financial burden. Through our partnership with Cisco Meraki, we can make sure your global offices are fully equipped and connected so your mission and impact continue to grow.

Contact us to find out which equipment is best for you and your network.

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Cisco Meraki Nonprofit Discount Program: Save 50% or more on Meraki Equipment, Licenses and License Renewals