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​​Our Programs​

​Our Programs

What we do

Telecom4Good was formed to help NGOs reduce internal resources needed to research, procure and manage their global Internet communications so that they can focus their time and money on the many projects that are helping those in need.

We provide NGOs with the resources and expertise to help determine the best Internet service provider within each country and city, at a price that meets your budget and a contract that ensures the quality that you require.

  • Bandwidth Aggregation Program (BAP) Save 30-55% off Internet Service in 129 Countries
  • We Give Free Meraki for Disaster Relief Efforts
  • Give Free Wi-Fi to Communities in Rural Areas that NGOs Work in

Where we work

Telecom4Good provides our Bandwidth Aggregation Program (BAP) in 129 countries around the world and counting.  We provide services in the regions of the world that humanitarian organizations need our help the most

Give Free Wi-Fi: ​Providing rural communities within ​Africa, Internet Wi-Fi to help foster personal development through educational resources  Learn More

Our Impact

Bandwidth Aggregation Program (BAP)


NGO Customers


Offices in Africa

​424 Mbps

Internet Provided


​Monthly Savings

Monthly Savings

What our customers are saying about us

"We partnered with Telecom4Good as a part of our major Network & Infrastructure Improvement Project. Telecom4GOODs approach to customer service, technology planning, and remote configuration was extraordinary. The level of professionalism and experience working with international technology providers was unparalleled. Because of Telecom4GOOD’s tireless commitment, reliability, security, and stability of our Country Offices Network Infrastructure have improved tenfold.”

Tyrone Washington
Senior Manager of Network Infrastructure Systems, Innovations for Poverty Action

"Telecom4good has provided invaluable expertise and support in planning our connectivity and bandwidth management services in our offices around the world. They are very knowledgeable, responsive and an overall great asset for the international NGO community".

Ric Plaisance

Vice President, Information and Operations Systems, Helen Keller International


"Telecom4Good has provided us with an excellent “one-stop” experience for our network connectivity advice and equipment. The experience and local knowledge of the service providers really helped us with our setup and configuration. Being available for advice and consultation during setup and addressing issues has proved invaluable. I would definitely recommend T4G for any network design, provisioning, and/or setup".

Marc Nations
System Administrator,  Women for Women International

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