Our Programs

We are a nonprofit resource organization offering network strategies and technology solutions to NGOs around the world.

IT Solutions For Nonprofits

Telecom4Good services such as bandwidth aggregation, Cisco Meraki discounts, global network assessment, and IT support allow organizations to increase their programmatic impact while decreasing their IT costs. We also provide internet access and equipment to rural schools, health centers, and in crisis zones after a natural disaster. We aid in research, negotiation, procurement, and management your internet and IT solutions for your offices worldwide.

Paying It Forward

Our collaborative approach leverages economies of scale and relationships to save you time, money, and internal resources. Our cost-free programs directly meet the needs of our nonprofit partners. We provide you access to technology that improves your operations and the communities you serve. Our partner-sponsored services give NGOs specialized support to amp up your telecommunications systems while avoiding the overhead cost of a fully staffed IT department. Proceeds from these partner-sponsored services fuel our no-cost programs.

Our mission is accomplished when you accomplish yours.