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Cisco Meraki MV For Nonprofits Organizations

Enhancing Nonprofit Security: The Meraki MV13 and MV33 Cameras - Streamlined Monitoring for Safer Premises

Meraki MV Highlights

Focus on IoT and Cameras:

  • Cisco Meraki's significant investment in IoT over the past five years is highlighted, with a particular focus on its camera technology. The use of Meraki cameras by 75% of Fortune 500 companies is noted, along with a 94% customer satisfaction rate related to time savings.

ROI and Cloud Integration:

  • oInvesting in Cisco Meraki cameras results in significant ROI through savings on time, headcount, and deployment costs. Cameras are energy efficient and integrated with the cloud for seamless updates.

New Camera Models: MV13 and MV33:

  • oIntroduction of the MV13, an indoor mini dome camera with a fixed lens, offering improvements over the MV12 model, including better processor and edge intelligence for superior image quality.
  • The MV33, an indoor-rated fisheye lens camera, provides a 360-degree view, ideal for various environments, featuring enhanced color accuracy, sharpness, and detail.

Meraki Camera Lineup:

  • The diverse range of Meraki cameras, including indoor, outdoor, varifocal, and portable options. The continuation of the MV12 and MV32 models with promotions as Meraki transitions to newer models.

Enhanced Analytics and Surveillance Capabilities:

  • Improved analytics with features like attribute search, presence analytics, motion tracking, and heat maps across all camera generations. The Meraki Vision portal offers an external-facing platform for comprehensive surveillance management.

Customer Priorities and Camera Benefits:

  • The shift in customer priorities towards quick deployment, moving away from outdated systems, and the need for comprehensive physical security solutions. Meraki's smart cameras are emphasized for their simplicity, security, agility, and smart capabilities, enabling faster deployment and proactive security measures.
Cisco Meraki MV Cameras ROI

Trial and Availability:

  • Encouragement to start a free trial of Meraki cameras, with availability for assistance and support from the Meraki team to ensure the right solutions are found for customer needs.

New MV13 - Security in High Definition

  • New 3rd Generation Fixed Lens Indoor mini-dome Camera
Cisco Meraki MV13 HW Camera
Cisco Meraki MV13 VS MV13

How Does Motion Search Work?

  • 8MP With 4k Resolution for high-definition details
  • 114° Field of View
  • Night Vision with IR Ilumination up to 15m
  • 256GB On-board storage available
  • Built-in motion analytics
  • Integrated Wireless connectivity for cost optimization

How Does Motion Search Work?

  • Ideal for monitoring indoor spaces and hallways
  • Ease of deployment with mounting options
  • 3rd Generation upgrade to all MV12 SKUs
  • Supports Attribute Search (new feature)

New MV33 - See The bigger picture

  • New 3rd Generation Indoor Fisheye Camera
Cisco Meraki MV33 HW Camera
Cisco Meraki MV32 vs MV33 Dewarp Details

Security that tells the complete story

  • 12.3MP With Up to 2880x2880 resolution
  • 360° field of view with in-browser dewarp
  • 256Gb on-board storage available
  • Built-in motion analytics
  • Integrated wireless connectivity for cost optimization

See everything, around every corner

  • Ideal for monitoring indoor spaces including retail, education, healthcare
  • Ease of deployment with mounting options
  • 3rd Generation upgrade to MV32
  • Support Presence Analytics (line corssing, etc)

Both the MV13 and MV33 represent significant advancements in Cisco Meraki's smart camera lineup, offering superior imaging technology, enhanced analytics capabilities, and greater adaptability to various surveillance needs. These improvements make them a compelling upgrade for organizations looking to enhance their security infrastructure with the latest in video surveillance technology.

Advantages of MV13 over MV12

Cisco Meraki MV13 Camera Is Available Now

Improved Processor and Edge Intelligence

  • The MV13 is equipped with a more advanced processor, enhancing its edge computing capabilities. This allows for more sophisticated analytics and processing directly on the device, reducing the need for external processing power and improving response times for analytics features.

Superior Image Quality:

  • The MV13 offers significantly better image quality compared to the MV12. This includes improvements in balanced contrast and color rendition, which contribute to producing more crisp and clear images. This enhancement is particularly

Low Light Performance:

  • The MV13 has made substantial improvements in low light conditions. With a better IR sensor and software optimizations, the MV13 can capture clearer images in poorly lit environments, making it more effective for surveillance during night time or in dimly lit areas.
Cisco Meraki MV13 VS MV13

Increased Detail Retention:

  • With a higher resolution and improved imaging technology, the MV13 provides higher detail retention, especially noticeable in direct comparisons of footage captured in similar conditions. This can be crucial for identifying details in video footage for security or analytical purposes.
Cisco Meraki MV12 VS MV13 Detail Retention

Advantages of MV33 over MV32

Cisco Meraki MV33 Camera Is Available Now

360-Degree View with Enhanced Clarity:

  • The MV33 introduces an updated fisheye lens camera capable of delivering a 360-degree view. This model offers increased color accuracy, sharpness, and detail over the MV32, making it suitable for wide-area surveillance with minimal blind spots.

Improved Image Warping and Detail Retention

  • The MV33 improves upon the image warping issues seen in some fisheye lens cameras, providing clearer images across the entire field of view. This results in better usability of footage for both live monitoring and recorded video analysis.

Adaptability to Various Environments

  • The MV33 is designed to be versatile, suitable for a range of indoor environments. Its enhanced imaging capabilities make it ideal for retail, manufacturing, and other settings where comprehensive area coverage is required without installing multiple cameras.
Cisco Meraki MV32 VS MV33

Selective Area Blocking

  • A notable feature of the MV33 is the ability to block out specific areas within its field of view for privacy or security reasons, directly from the Meraki dashboard. This allows users to customize their surveillance coverage and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.
Cisco Meraki MV32 VS MV33 Dewards Details

Meraki MV Cameras Features

Attribute Search

Cisco Meraki Cameras Attribute Search Feature

What It Is

  • Attribute Search is a powerful analytics tool that enables users to search across all their camera feeds for specific attributes in recorded footage. Users can input descriptions of individuals (e.g., "green shirt and black pants") or objects and the system will quickly locate and display relevant video clips from all connected cameras.

How It Works:

  • The feature utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze video data for the specified attributes. It supports natural language inputs, allowing users to make search queries using everyday language, which the system translates into actionable search criteria

Why It's Cool:

  • Efficiency in Investigations: This drastically reduces the time needed to locate specific incidents or individuals within video footage, making post-event investigations more efficient.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: By searching across all cameras simultaneously, it ensures no angle is missed, providing a comprehensive overview of events.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The natural language processing capability makes it accessible to users without technical expertise, simplifying the search process.

Presence Analytics

Cisco Meraki Video Analytics Feature

What It Is

  • Presence Analytics leverages the camera's video feed to provide insights into how people move and gather within a space. It can track entrance/exit stats, dwell times, and aggregate the flow of movement in specified areas.

How It Works:

  • Cameras equipped with Presence Analytics use video analytics to detect and classify objects, primarily focusing on people. Users can define specific areas of interest within the camera's field of view to monitor how people interact with the space, such as how long they stay in a particular area or how often it is visited.

Why It's Cool:

  • Enhanced Customer Insights: For retail environments, this can offer invaluable insights into customer behavior, such as identifying hotspots within a store or optimizing layout and staffing based on traffic patterns.
  • Operational Efficiency: In any facility, understanding the flow of people can help improve safety, enhance the visitor experience, and increase operational efficiency.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: By quantifying how spaces are used, organizations can make informed decisions on space planning, security, and marketing strategies.
  • Both Attribute Search and Presence Analytics embody the innovative edge of Cisco Meraki's smart cameras, transforming traditional video surveillance into a dynamic tool for security, analytics, and business intelligence. These features leverage the power of cloud computing and machine learning to offer more than just security, providing actionable insights that can drive operational improvements and enhance customer experiences.

    The webinar provided insights into the advancements and advantages of the Cisco Meraki MV13 and MV33 smart cameras over their predecessors, the MV12 and MV32. Here are the key advantages highlighted for both new models:

What is Motion Search?

  • Motion search is an advanced feature in Cisco Meraki smart cameras that enables users to quickly locate video segments where motion has occurred within the camera's field of view. This tool significantly reduces the time needed to review footage by allowing users to pinpoint moments of interest without manually scrubbing through hours of video.
Cisco Meraki Motion Search Feature

How Does Motion Search Work?

  • Video Analytics: Motion search utilizes video analytics technology to analyze footage for changes in the scene that indicate movement. This process is done directly on the camera (edge processing), which helps to minimize bandwidth usage and speed up search results.
  • User Interface: Through the Meraki dashboard, users can select specific areas within the camera's view to search for motion. This is particularly useful for focusing on entrances, exits, or any areas of particular interest.
  • Time and Date Filtering: Users can specify the time and date range for the motion search, further narrowing down the search results to relevant footage.
  • Object Classification: Some models of Meraki cameras also support object classification within motion search, distinguishing between people, vehicles, and other objects to provide more targeted search results.

Benefits of Motion Search

  • Efficiency: By allowing users to quickly find moments of motion, the motion search feature drastically cuts down the time required to review surveillance footage, making security operations more efficient.
  • Improved Security: Motion search enables more proactive security measures. Security personnel can quickly identify suspicious activities or review incidents without having to sift through irrelevant footage.
  • Operational Insights: Beyond security, motion search can provide valuable insights into traffic patterns, peak activity times, and customer behavior in retail settings, contributing to operational improvements.
  • Ease of Use: The intuitive user interface of the Meraki dashboard makes motion search accessible to users of all skill levels, removing the need for specialized training to utilize this powerful feature.
  • Motion search represents a significant step forward in the usability and functionality of video surveillance systems. By integrating advanced analytics directly into their smart cameras, Cisco Meraki offers a tool that enhances security monitoring, reduces workload on security personnel, and provides valuable insights into the observed environment. This feature exemplifies the broader trend towards intelligent, data-driven security solutions that can adapt to the diverse needs of modern organizations.

Custom Analytics with Meraki Ecosystem

  • The Meraki MV camera ecosystem integrates advanced video analytics capabilities directly into its smart cameras, offering a powerful toolset for enhancing security, gaining operational insights, and supporting business decisions. These analytics are processed on the camera (at the edge), reducing bandwidth needs and ensuring faster access to data. Here's an overview of the custom analytics within the Meraki MV camera ecosystem:
Cisco Meraki Video Analytics Feature

Video Analytics Features

  • Motion Search: Allows users to quickly identify moments of motion in recorded video, helping to rapidly locate incidents or events without manually reviewing hours of footage.
  • People Counting: Utilizes advanced algorithms to count the number of people entering or exiting a specific area, useful for retail foot traffic analysis and space utilization.
  • Heat Maps: Generates visual representations of movement patterns over time, highlighting areas of high and low activity within the camera's field of view. This feature is invaluable for optimizing store layouts, improving workplace design, and enhancing security measures.
  • Object Detection: Some Meraki MV models can differentiate between types of objects (e.g., people vs. vehicles), enabling more targeted monitoring and alerting based on the object type.

Custom Analytics Development

  • The Meraki MV ecosystem's open APIs play a crucial role in enabling custom analytics solutions. Developers and IT professionals can use these APIs to extract video and metadata from the cameras, allowing for the integration of custom-built analytics tools or third-party analytics platforms. This flexibility supports a wide range of applications, from specific operational needs to innovative customer engagement strategies.

Integration with Third-party Applications

  • The ecosystem's compatibility with third-party solutions means businesses can leverage existing investments in analytics platforms or explore new technologies that complement the Meraki MV cameras. Whether it's integrating with advanced AI-driven analytics for facial recognition (where legally permitted) or connecting with business intelligence tools for comprehensive operational analysis, the possibilities are expansive.
Cisco Meraki MV Cameras Integration Ecosystem

Benefits of Custom Analytics

  • Enhanced Security and Surveillance: Custom analytics can provide more nuanced detection capabilities, such as identifying loitering or unattended objects, enhancing overall security posture.
  • Operational Efficiency: Insights derived from video analytics can help optimize staffing, reduce energy costs, and improve the customer experience by aligning operations with actual usage patterns and customer behaviors.
  • Data-driven Decision Making: The integration of video analytics with business intelligence tools can uncover trends and patterns that inform strategic decisions, from marketing strategies to facility management.
  • Compliance and Privacy: The Meraki MV ecosystem includes features designed to address privacy concerns, such as encrypted video storage and selective area blurring. When developing custom analytics, organizations can ensure compliance with local regulations regarding data protection and privacy.
  • The Meraki MV camera ecosystem's combination of built-in analytics, open APIs, and integration capabilities presents a versatile platform for custom analytics solutions. By leveraging these tools, organizations can tailor their surveillance and operational intelligence efforts to meet specific goals, unlock new insights, and drive meaningful improvements across their operations.

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