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Cisco Meraki Cloud-Powered Security Cameras

Revolutionizing surveillance with intelligent, cloud-managed smart cameras for enhanced security and business insights

Cisco Meraki MV13 HW Camera

New MV13 - Security in High Definition

  • New 3rd Generation Fixed Lens Indoor mini-dome Camera

Details that matter

  • 8MP With 4k Resolution for high-definition details
  • 114° Field of View
  • Night Vision with IR Ilumination up to 15m
  • 256GB On-board storage available
  • Built-in motion analytics
  • Integrated Wireless connectivity for cost optimization
Cisco Meraki MV13 VS MV13

How Does Motion Search Work?

  • Ideal for monitoring indoor spaces and hallways
  • Ease of deployment with mounting options
  • 3rd Generation upgrade to all MV12 SKUs
  • Supports Attribute Search (new feature)
Cisco Meraki MV33 HW Camera

New MV33 - See The bigger picture

  • New 3rd Generation Indoor Fisheye Camera

Security that tells the complete story

  • 12.3MP With Up to 2880x2880 resolution
  • 360° field of view with in-browser dewarp
  • 256Gb on-board storage available
  • Built-in motion analytics
  • Integrated wireless connectivity for cost optimization
Cisco Meraki MV32 VS MV33 Dewards Details

See everything, around every corner

  • Ideal for monitoring indoor spaces including retail, education, healthcare
  • Ease of deployment with mounting options
  • 3rd Generation upgrade to MV32
  • Support Presence Analytics (line corssing, etc)

Both the MV13 and MV33 represent significant advancements in Cisco Meraki's smart camera lineup, offering superior imaging technology, enhanced analytics capabilities, and greater adaptability to various surveillance needs. These improvements make them a compelling upgrade for organizations looking to enhance their security infrastructure with the latest in video surveillance technology.

Meraki MV Cameras Motion Search

How Does Motion Search Work?

  • Video Analytics
  • User Interface
  • Time and Date Filtering
  • Object Classification

Benefits of Motion Search

  • Efficiency
  • Improved Security
  • Operational Insights
  • Ease of Use
Cisco Meraki Motion Search Feature

Motion search represents a significant step forward in the usability and functionality of video surveillance systems. By integrating advanced analytics directly into their smart cameras, Cisco Meraki offers a tool that enhances security monitoring, reduces workload on security personnel, and provides valuable insights into the observed environment. This feature exemplifies the broader trend towards intelligent, data-driven security solutions that can adapt to the diverse needs of modern organizations.

Meraki MV Cameras Features

Attribute Search

  • Incident Invesitigation made even faster
  • Efficiency in Investigations
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • User-Friendly Interface
Cisco Meraki Cameras Attribute Search Feature
Cisco Meraki Video Analytics Feature

Presence Analytics

  • Get a Clear Picture of People Movement
  • Enhanced Customer Insights
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Data-Driven Decisions

Both Attribute Search and Presence Analytics embody the innovative edge of Cisco Meraki's smart cameras, transforming traditional video surveillance into a dynamic tool for security, analytics, and business intelligence. These features leverage the power of cloud computing and machine learning to offer more than just security, providing actionable insights that can drive operational improvements and enhance customer experiences.

Cisco Meraki MV For Nonprofits Organizations

Enhancing Nonprofit Security: The Meraki MV13 and MV33 Cameras - Streamlined Monitoring for Safer Premises

Meraki MV Highlights

  • Focus on IoT and Camera
  • ROI and Cloud Integration
  • New Camera Models: MV13 and MV33
  • Meraki Camera Lineup
  • Enhanced Analytics and Surveillance Capabilities
  • Customer Priorities and Camera Benefits:
  • Trial and Availability:
Cisco Meraki MV Cameras ROI

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