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Meraki Downtilt Panel Omni Antenna 5-port

The Downtilt Panel Omnidirectional antenna is ideal for medium ceiling (8 ft - 25 ft) aesthetic-consensus installations. Some example uses are medium-density deployments like cube office space and vestibules. This antenna supports Meraki’s smart antenna capabilities. The price shown is for a 5-connector model; the Downtilt Panel Omni antenna can be purchased with 5 or 6 connectors.


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Meraki Retail Price

Meraki Retail Price

Telecom4Good's Price

Telecom4Good's Price

* Our Cisco Meraki Nonprofit Discount Program is exclusively through Telecom4Good that provides special pricing on equipment and licensing to nonprofit organizations that is not available through other resellers.



Antenna type: omni-directional
Frequency range: 2.400 – 2.500, 5.150 – 5.875 GHz
Gain (per antenna element): (D5) 2.9 dbi (2.4) / 3.7 dbi (5)
Gain (per antenna element): (D6) 2.9 dbi (2.4) / 3.7 dbi (5)
Polarization: Linear, Vertical/Horizontal
Half power beamwidth / horizontal: 360°
Half power beamwidth / vertical: 60°/60°
Centered at /-45 degree down angle

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