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Meraki Dual-Band Sector Antenna (9/12 dBi Gain)

Designed for use with certain Cisco Meraki outdoor APs. The sector antenna can extend the range of a Cisco Meraki outdoor access point by focusing the wireless signal in a specific direction; the best way to establish a medium distance point-to-point or point to multi-point wireless link.



Extended Range

The directional antennas focus wireless signals in a particular direction by creating a co-polarization pattern. Typically, you’ll be able to extend the reach of a radio by up to 2.5x in a particular direction.

Easy to Mount

The antenna comes with everything you need for a pole or wall mount, and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. 2 cables with N-Type connectors are integrated with the antenna.

Improved Connectivity

Cisco Meraki’s antenna accessories improve the reach and connectivity of a Cisco Meraki network by focusing and increasing signal strength.