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Meraki Wide Patch Antenna 5-port

The Wide Patch antenna is ideal for wall-mounted deployments, aesthetic consensus installations in low density applications and wall mounted or ceiling mounted below 25 ft in high density applications. Some example use cases are in vestibules with very high ceilings but few devices connecting and lecture halls where install is close to the users. This antenna supports Meraki’s smart antenna capabilities. The price shown is for a 5-connector model; the Wide Patch antenna can be purchased with 5 or 6 connectors.


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Meraki Retail Price

Meraki Retail Price

Telecom4Good's Price

Telecom4Good's Price

* Our Cisco Meraki Nonprofit Discount Program is exclusively through Telecom4Good that provides special pricing on equipment and licensing to nonprofit organizations that is not available through other resellers.



Antenna type: Wide Patch
Frequency range: 2.400 – 2.500, 5.150 – 5.875 GHz
Gain (per antenna element):E5: 7 dBi (2.4), 6.3 dBi (5)
Gain (per antenna element):E6: 7 dBi (2.4), 6.3 dBi (5)
Polarization: Linear, /- 45°
Half power beamwidth / horizontal: 60°/60°
Half power beamwidth / vertical: 60°/60°


AA-9303, 1M


Surface mount not included; compatible with MA-MNT-ANT-1 or MA-MNT-ANT-2
Mounts to walls and poles

Physical and Environment

Dimensions:(E5): 10.83” × 10.83” × 0.93” (275 mm × 275 mm × 23.5 mm)
Dimensions:(E6):10.83” × 10.83” × 0.93” (275 mm × 275 mm × 23.5 mm)
Weight: (E5): 38.8 oz (1.1 kg)
Weight: (E6): 41.27 oz (1.17 kg)
Material: PC-ABS
Temperature: 32 °F to 104 °F (0 °C to 40 °C)
Humidity: 5% - 93%
Connector: RP-TNC


1 year hardware warranty included

Ordering Information

MA-MNT-ANT-1 (Standard Mounting Arm)
MA-MNT-ANT-2 (Long Mounting Arm)


Certified for use with MR42E: MA-ANT-3-E5
Certified for use with MR53E/MR46E: MA-ANT-3-E6

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