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  • What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know Before Requesting a Proposal for ICT Services in Africa
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Just like any other business, nonprofits need to be strategic in how they spend their money. One of the best ways to do this is by creating an internet service request for pricing (ISRP) in Africa. This document will help you compare prices and get the best deals on internet services. Follow these ten steps to creating your own Internet Service RFP!

  1. Define your scope of work: what type of internet service do you need?
  2. Research your options: look at a variety of providers and services.
  3. Get quotes: request quotes from providers that fit your needs.
  4. Compare prices: compare the prices of the different providers.

    (Want to save even more? Telecom4Good can help! Participate in our Wholesale Internet Co-op and reduce internet costs by 24-76%! Participating is as easy as requesting a price quote. We will reach out to the ISPs that participate in our program and gather the quotes for you so you can easily compare pricing!)
  5. Make a decision: decide which provider and service is best for you.
  6. Sign a contract: once you've decided, sign a contract with the provider.
  7. Set up service: follow the provider's instructions to set up the service.
  8. Test the service: make sure the service is working properly.
  9. Use the service: start using the internet service for your nonprofit!
  10. Monitor the service: keep an eye on the service to make sure it's working well.

Creating an ISRP is a great way to save money on internet services for your nonprofit. By following these ten steps, you can get the best deal possible on the internet service that you need.

To recap, an RPF is a unique opportunity for your nonprofit to get creative and put forth its best foot with the common goal of being selected to provide Internet access in Africa. While the process may be daunting, following these guidelines will give you the best chance at success. Good luck! And if you have questions or want to strategize together, schedule a call.

Telecom4Good Commitment

To help nonprofits access technology that positions them to further their mission and serve others with confidence

see a world where technology is used to impact the lives of others.

To see all nonprofits have technology that advances the causes they care about

Telecom4Good understands your desire to care for others. As a nonprofit ourselves, our team knows firsthand how the right technology advances your mission.

That’s why we set out to ensure all nonprofits get the solutions they need to improve efficiencies while empowering their organization. We believe all nonprofits deserve access to systems and networks that won’t hold them back but instead allow them to maximize their efforts.

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