Serving Surrounding Communities Off-Hours

The Community Engagement Program connects rural communities to online learning resources at no cost to participants or our partner NGOs. Learners use your NGO office’s existing internet connection to access the online modules after business hours and on weekends, allowing your organization to continue your mission off the clock.

The internet access extended to the community is limited to the learning portal, ensuring impact is maximized. We use Cisco Meraki access points to increase the coverage area of your Wi-Fi signal up to 4 miles around your office. As the host NGO, you can regulate when the signal is shared with surrounding communities.

Organizations that participate in the Community Engagement Program also receive 75% off Cisco Meraki equipment to support other IT needs.

Online Learning As A Catalyst For Social Change

We work with your NGO to customize the content you feel is most pertinent for local communities. Our straightforward online portal focuses on five core topics that foster personal development and community-wide growth: learning, health, agriculture, job training, and giving back, which includes a link to your NGO’s website to maintain transparency about your mission and programs.

We use technology and education to spark development. By partnering with organizations who have established ties to underserved populations, we can deliver our online content, equipping users to find sustainable solutions to personal and social problems. Our hope is that by introducing online learning opportunities, communities will flourish and create self-led positive change.

Online Learning Illustration

Hands-Off Impact

We care about our partners reaching their full potential and want you to get the most out of your internet connection. Providing free online resources to community members you already work with or near can complement your programs and increase your impact without needing any additional funds or staff. Through education and collaboration, we can achieve incredible results.

Extend Your Internet Connection

In today’s connected world, access to online learning should be available to everyone. Together, we can make it happen. Contact us to learn more about the Community Engagement Program.