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Meraki Smart Cameras: Third-Party Apps for Nonprofits, Read Telecom4Good’s guide to learn the potential of Meraki Smart Cameras for nonprofits

Posted Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Meraki Smart Cameras: Third-Party Apps for Nonprofits

Using state-of-the-art technology can have a big impact on security and surveillance, especially for nonprofit organizations that want to improve their operations. Cisco Meraki Smart Cameras are a versatile solution, providing not just security but a range of features that can be harnessed for various purposes.

Keep reading as we look into the potential of Meraki Smart Cameras for nonprofits, with a focus on third-party applications like Genea, V-App, and EVERYANGLE that further amplify their capabilities.

Genea: Elevating Security and Access Control

Genea, an automated access control solution, capitalizes on the power of Cisco Meraki cameras for monitoring and securing facilities.

Implementing a Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) system is a logical step for nonprofit organizations looking to strengthen their security. Meraki cameras allow for the capture of high-quality video, providing a valuable resource for reviewing incidents and identifying culprits. This visual verification adds an extra layer of assurance, complementing access control logs maintained in Genea.

One of the noteworthy features of Genea is its ability to use a single access credential across multiple locations. This not only streamlines access for users but also contributes to a more cohesive security infrastructure.

The integration with Meraki cameras enables organizations to strengthen security and simplify compliance. By combining access logs from Genea with video footage, nonprofits can establish a robust basis for identity and ensure the accuracy of their access logs, which is crucial for auditing and investigations.

V-App: Unleashing the Power of Wi-Fi Presence and Analytics

The growth of wireless networks offers unprecedented opportunities for data-driven insights. V-App's Wi-Fi Presence and Analytics, when integrated with Meraki Smart Cameras, provide real-time data that can revolutionize how nonprofits understand and engage with their audience.

The Live Dashboard of V-App allows organizations to monitor various metrics such as dwell times, footfall traffic, and on-site activity patterns.

Key Features of V-App:

  1. Footfall Traffic and Activity Patterns: By understanding in-store traffic peaks, nonprofits can optimize the timing of events or promotions. Heat mapping and location analytics contribute to a comprehensive view of the customer journey within a physical space.

  2. Visitor Engagement: V-App gives NGOs an opportunity to analyze mobile app usage within the premises and aids in tailoring engagement strategies, such as targeted display ads and mobile push notifications.

  3. Concentration Map: Visualizing user concentration in specific areas provides insights that go beyond raw data. Understanding how supporters aggregate in certain spaces allows for strategic planning and resource allocation.

EVERYANGLE's 'Next Generation Footfall' App

This innovative app provides a comprehensive breakdown of every visitor to a brick-and-mortar location, offering insights into gender and age. It goes beyond basic footfall tracking by revealing where visitors go, how long they spend there, and even their post-visit happiness.

Powered by modular Computer Vision Apps and leveraging Cisco Meraki MV Smart Cameras, EVERYANGLE delivers real-time alerts, intelligence dashboards, and AI-powered Virtual Assistants.

The features and benefits provide augmented decision-making dashboards for comprehensive insights.

Let’s take a closer look at how Cisco Meraki cameras powered by Genea, V-App, and EVERYANGLE can help some of our clients achieve their missions.

Benefits for Nonprofits: Understanding Donor Preferences:

For nonprofits, understanding the behavior and preferences of their supporters is crucial for optimizing outreach and engagement strategies. Nonprofits often operate on tight budgets and face the challenge of efficiently allocating resources to maximize their impact. With Meraki Smart Cameras powered by Genea, EVERYANGLE, and V-App, they gain a comprehensive view of both physical and digital interactions.

Utilizing Data for Strategic Decision-Making:

V-App's concentration maps can highlight areas where supporters tend to gather, offering valuable insights into event planning and resource allocation. For example, during fundraising events, knowing where most supporters congregate allows for the strategic placement of information booths or promotional material.

EVERYANGLE can enhance fundraising efforts by providing insights into visitor demographics and helping nonprofits understand the profiles of individuals attending events or visiting donation centers. This data can be leveraged to tailor marketing strategies, optimize event planning, and target the right audience for fundraising campaigns.

Enhancing Loyalty Programs:

By leveraging V-App's loyalty-focused features, nonprofits can measure the impact of various initiatives on visitor loyalty. Whether it's changes in displays, promotions, or specific campaigns, the organization can refine its strategies to build stronger connections with its supporters.

Identifying Gaps in Camera Coverage:

V-App's analytics can also be instrumental in identifying gaps in camera coverage. Understanding where the cameras might miss certain activities or concentrations of people allows for strategic adjustments in the camera setup, ensuring comprehensive surveillance for enhanced security.

Benefits for Nonprofits: Nonprofits with Retail:

A monitor with EVERYANGLE written at the bottom shows a display with insights.

For nonprofit organizations with retail space, understanding the dynamics of customer behavior is paramount to optimizing their operations and achieving their mission. By integrating Meraki Smart Cameras with Genea and V-App, nonprofits can glean actionable insights into shopper preferences, congregation areas, and areas that may require additional attention.

Customer Behavior Analysis:

Retail-centric nonprofits, can utilize the amalgamation of Meraki Smart Cameras and V-App to comprehend shopper behavior. The concentration maps provided by V-App offer a visual representation of where most visitors tend to spend their time. This insight is invaluable for optimizing store layouts, placing high-demand items strategically, and tailoring marketing efforts to specific areas within the store.

By identifying hotspots of customer activity, nonprofits can enhance the shopping experience by directing customers to sections that may require additional attention or highlighting special promotions in areas with lower foot traffic.

Strategic Store Planning:

The combination of Meraki Smart Cameras and V-App provides nonprofits with the ability to create heat maps, showcasing the busiest hours and on-site activity patterns. This information is not only crucial for optimizing staffing levels but also for planning events or promotions during peak hours, maximizing their impact on customer engagement.

Nonprofits can strategically position donation bins or promotional displays based on footfall traffic patterns, ensuring that high-traffic areas are effectively utilized to promote their cause and encourage community involvement.

Identifying Gaps in Surveillance:

Maintaining a secure environment is essential for nonprofits with retail space. The integration of Meraki Smart Cameras with Genea ensures not only a robust access control system but also visual verification through CCTV footage. V-App's analytics can play a pivotal role in identifying potential gaps in camera coverage.

By analyzing concentration maps and traffic patterns, nonprofits can pinpoint areas within the store that might be under-surveilled. This information is critical for making informed decisions about repositioning or adding cameras to ensure comprehensive coverage, ultimately enhancing the security of both customers and staff.

Enhancing Community Engagement:

Nonprofits serve as a community hub. Understanding where people congregate within the store provides insights into community engagement. Genea's access logs, combined with Meraki's video verification, enable nonprofits to ensure that community spaces within their facilities are well-utilized and secure.

EVERYANGLE can aid in volunteer management. By analyzing foot traffic and dwell times, nonprofits can optimize volunteer placement and ensure that resources are allocated efficiently during events or outreach activities. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also improves the overall experience for both volunteers and beneficiaries.

Further, EVERYANGLE 's integration with POS solutions can assist nonprofits in tracking merchandise sales or donation transactions. This feature is particularly beneficial for organizations running charity shops or selling merchandise as part of their fundraising initiatives. The ability to generate live alerts for store performance ensures that nonprofits can adapt and respond promptly to changing circumstances.

At Telecom4Good, we are proud to support nonprofits with affordable technology solutions. Visit us for more details, comparisons, and price requests.

Telecom4Good Commitment

To help nonprofits access technology that positions them to further their mission and serve others with confidence

see a world where technology is used to impact the lives of others.

To see all nonprofits have technology that advances the causes they care about

Telecom4Good understands your desire to care for others. As a nonprofit ourselves, our team knows firsthand how the right technology advances your mission.

That’s why we set out to ensure all nonprofits get the solutions they need to improve efficiencies while empowering their organization. We believe all nonprofits deserve access to systems and networks that won’t hold them back but instead allow them to maximize their efforts.

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