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Meraki AC Power Cord for MX and MS (China Plug)

The Cisco Meraki MA-PWR-CORD-CN is a Power Cable with IEC 60320 C13 to AS/NZS 3112 (M) Connector for Cisco Meraki MX and MR appliances.


Meraki AC Power Cord for MX and MS (China Plug) MA-PWR-CORD-CN

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Meraki Retail Price

Meraki Retail Price

Telecom4Good's Price

Telecom4Good's Price

* Our Cisco Meraki Nonprofit Discount Program is exclusively through Telecom4Good that provides special pricing on equipment and licensing to nonprofit organizations that is not available through other resellers.


Compatibility: Cisco Meraki MR11, MR12, MR12 Cloud Managed, MR14, MR16, MR16 Cloud Managed, MR18, MR24 Cloud Managed 3x3 MIMO, MR26 Cloud Managed 3x3 MIMO, MR30H Cloud Managed, MR32 Cloud Managed, MR33 Cloud Managed, MR34, MR42, MR42 Cloud Managed, MR52, MR53, MR58, MR62, MR66, MR72 Cloud Managed 802.11ac Outdoor AP, MR74 Cloud Managed, MR84 Cloud Managed, MS22 Cloud Managed Switch, MS220-8P-HW, MS22P Cloud Managed PoE Switch, MS42 Cloud Managed Switch, MS42P Cloud Managed GigE PoE+ Switch, MX100, MX400, MX400 Cloud Managed, MX60, MX60 Cloud Managed Security Appliance, MX600, MX600 Cloud Managed, MX60W Cloud Managed, MX70, MX80, MX80 Cloud Managed, MX90, MX90 Cloud Managed Security Appliance ¦ Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed MS120-24, MS120-24FP, MS120-24P, MS120-48, MS120-48FP, MS120-48LP, MS120-8, MS210-24, MS210-24P, MS210-48, MS210-48FP, MS210-48LP, MS220-24, MS220-24P, MS220-48, MS220-48FP, MS220-48LP, MS220-8, MS220-8P, MS225-24, MS225-24P, MS225-48, MS225-48FP, MS225-48LP, MS250-24, MS250-24P, MS250-48, MS250-48FP, MS250-48LP, MS320-24, MS320-24P, MS320-48, MS320-48FP, MS320-48LP, MS350-24, MS350-24P, MS350-24X, MS350-48, MS350-48FP, MS350-48LP, MS420-24, MS420-48 ¦ Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Ethernet Aggregation Switch MS410-16, MS410-32, MS420-24, MS420-48, MS425-16, MS425-32