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Meraki MV12N

MV12N Indoor, fixed-lens mini dome camera with 256GB of storage

MV12 cameras are fixed lens mini-dome cameras, with a sleek compact form factor. There are three models, designed to fit a variety of deployment needs. The MV12W features a wide Field of View (FoV), good for providing overall context of a scene. The MV12N has a narrow FoV, making it ideal for hallways, entrances,
and exits to aid in identification. The MV12WE has a wide FoV, with reduced storage at a lower price point.

Meraki MV12N SKU: MV12N-HW

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Meraki Retail Price

Meraki Retail Price

Telecom4Good's Price

Telecom4Good's Price

* Our Cisco Meraki Nonprofit Discount Program is exclusively through Telecom4Good that provides special pricing on equipment and licensing to nonprofit organizations that is not available through other resellers.






Hardware Features

1080P video recording with H.264
103° field of view
802.11ac wireless
Microphone for audio recording
Live video only, unless Cloud Archive license is added

Enterprise-grade Security

Automatic end-to-end video encryption
Automatic firmware updates and bug fixes
Secure, encrypted control architecture and storage
Secure boot and signed firmware backed by hardware security chip

Cloud Management

Visibility and control from anywhere
Stream local or remote–the cloud automatically routes the video stream
Create custom video walls
Easy options for export and sharing

Granular Access Controls

Create unique accounts and passwords for each user
Control who can view live or historical video
Limit access to video exporting
Grant viewing access by individual cameras or device tags
Video access log provides audit of users’ video-related activities

Advanced Analytics

Industry-leading processor onboard
Motion analytics
Audio analytics
Person detection powered by machine learning technology
No servers or software required
Compatible with MV Sense license

Compact and Functional Design

Attractive and subtle design blends into any space
Simple onboarding and flexible mounting options
Easy to install anywhere

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