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Meraki MV33

Third-generation indoor fisheye camera with an immersive 360° field of view

Enhanced resolution for precise tracking of people entering, exiting, and area occupancy

Cisco Meraki MV33 HW Camera

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Meraki Retail Price

Meraki Retail Price

Telecom4Good's Price

Telecom4Good's Price

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Details that matter

  • Fully immersive 360° field of view
  • 12.3 MP sensor for higher resolution video (2880x2880)
  • 256 GB integrated high-endurance solid-state storage
  • Supports improved computer vision and bring-your-own-AI model
  • Monitor people entering and leaving and overall area occupancy

    SKU: MV33-HW

Cloud management

  • Network-wide visibility and control via dashboard
  • Auto-stream video locally or remotely without manual intervention
  • In-browser dewarp with virtual pan, tilt, and zoom for full control
  • Create video walls, run advanced search, export, and easily share

Compact design

  • Ultra compact form factor with small installation footprint
  • Aesthetically pleasing design that blends into any space
  • Variety of mounting options for ease of deployment

Advanced analytics

  • Presence analytics for line crossing, people counting, and occupancy
  • Ability to bring your own AI model for advanced analytics
  • Edge computing without the need for additional servers or software
  • MV Sense license compatibilty for integration with third-party apps


  • The Meraki MV33 offers 12.4 MP image quality and combines physical security and advanced analytics in a powerful yet compact fixed-lens mini fisheye form factor. Easy to install, with a 360° field of view (FoV), MV33 provides complete visibility and intelligent security for various indoor applications.

    Security that tells a complete story

    With up to 2880x2880 video resolution and 360-degree views, the ultra-high-performance MV33 camera captures the full picture, providing broad context and clear detail when needed. This panoramic overview increases situation awareness, making surveillance more efficient.

    Compact and easy to install, MV33 camera boasts a new universal mounting place compatible with various mounting accessories; the MV33 camera can be installed in various deployment scenarios so that you can see around every corner. The 360° field of view makes it ideal for improving safety and security for a wide range of use cases.
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