Bandwidth Aggregation Program


​​Strength in Collaboration

Our Bandwidth Aggregation Program (BAP) has grown to new heights in Uganda! Our partnering Internet service provider, Roke Telkom, uses an extensive Google CSquared Fibre Optic Network and wireless network throughout the country and the surrounding areas. The resilient fibre network ensures wide and stable coverage for BAP participants. 

This opportunity to lower your Internet costs and improve your connectivity is exclusively for NGOs through Telecom4Good.

Internet network throughout Uganda

All the benefits, none of the hassle!

This exclusive offer to connect to Roke Telkom’s Google fibre network through Telecom4Good's BAP will not only save you precious resources, it will also boost your staff productivity, organizational efficiency, and programmatic impact. We even provide contract negotiation for continued quality service and support.

Collaborate for Maximum Savings

Collaboration is the key to continually lower Internet bandwidth pricing. As more NGOs participate in the exclusive program, the price per megabyte of bandwidth will lower each quarter for all participating NGOs. The initial price per megabyte of dedicated Internet service on fibre is US $130, while the first reduction adjusts the price to US $115 per megabyte.

Telecom4Good and Roke Telkom seek to increase global partnerships and give back to the communities in which we work. Our missions align to provide the best Internet service to the NGOs doing the most good.

Where You Need it Most

The fibre optic network infrastructure that has been installed in Kampala plays an integral part in our BAP network. As more NGOs in Kampala and across the country join the BAP, the rates for everyone involved will drop.

Fibre network in Kampala, Uganda

Internet network in neighboring countries

National to International Scale

The fibre network is set up to accommodate organizations with multiple branches, both in-country and internationally. Roke Telkom understands the need to share resources for scalability, cost control, and efficiency, which are hallmark factors of the BAP.

Start saving with better, faster Internet

Getting started on Google fibre via Roke Telkom only requires a fixed one-time installation charge of US $225. Join the BAP to get connected!

Start Collaborating Today!

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