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Cisco Meraki MV Special Pricing 2023

Cisco Meraki MV Special Pricing 2023, Unlock exclusive savings with Telecom4Good Elevate your organization's connectivity and security today.

Posted Monday, September 22, 2023

Meraki MV Smart Cameras Special Pricing Through 2023 For Nonprofits

Special Nonprofit Promotion on Select Meraki MV Smart Cameras

MV2, MV12N, MV12W, MV12WE, MV22, MV22X, MV32, MV72, and MV72X

Our nonprofit clients say their top priorities for security cameras are Reliability and Operational Simplicity

The Meraki MV series represents an advanced range of intelligent camera solutions that are streamlined for effortless deployment and configuration. They offer nonprofits quick access to video content and seamless sharing capabilities. Consistently updated with the latest features, the Meraki MV series also ensures robust cybersecurity, mitigating the risks associated with conventional on-premises surveillance systems.

Client Testimonial for Meraki MV Smart Cameras:

“This past year we committed to a full implementation of the Cisco Meraki cameras after a thorough analysis of the other options. One standout feature that sets Cisco Meraki apart is the user-friendly online portal, which enables us to efficiently manage all our cameras from a single, centralized location.

The Cisco Meraki portal is intuitive, and it provides us with the much-needed flexibility to grant access to our cameras to both administrative personnel and law enforcement, when necessary, especially during events hosted at our schools. We have a very trim tech staff of two, and with the installation of these cameras by our maintenance staff, we will have complete control over our surveillance infrastructure. This streamlined approach is a significant improvement over our previous setup involving a separate server, which we are moving away from.”

- Rob B., Franklin Park Schools 

Franklin Park Schools Logo

Eliminate the need for digital video recorders, and video management systems

Consider the benefits of Meraki MV smart cameras. By eliminating the need for traditional digital video recorders (DVRs), network video recorders (NVRs), and video management systems (VMS), this efficient approach cuts both installation and maintenance costs. The intelligent search feature streamlines the process of locating specific footage, saving valuable time. Plus, in the event of a security concern, local staff can easily access and share the necessary footage without the need to involve IT or loss prevention teams. Choose efficiency with Meraki MV.

Converging physical security with cybersecurity with Meraki MV Smart Cameras

Cisco Meraki MV Special Pricing 2023 Features
  • Converging physical security and cybersecurity provides better protection across the board by unifying previously siloed systems and teams.
  • Cloud-based security camera systems allow for easy software updates and integration with other systems, improving security posture. Legacy on-premises systems can't take advantage of these benefits.
  • Automating security camera processes through integration with other building systems and AI analytics helps teams work more efficiently and proactively address threats before incidents occur.
  • Well-placed security cameras, access control, and video surveillance create physical barriers to sensitive IT infrastructure like server rooms, limiting vulnerability.
  • Security camera data can be used alongside cybersecurity monitoring to provide a more complete picture of security incidents and suspicious activity on site.
  • Proactive security strategies enabled by converged systems reduce the likelihood of costly breaches and attacks.
  • Converged security teams with open communication to improve camera placement and monitoring by sharing insights between physical security and IT teams.

Reactive vs. Proactive Security

Cisco Meraki MV Special Pricing 2023 Features Reactive Proactive

Would you like to try the Meraki Smart Cameras for 30 days at No-Cost?

Please email IOT@Telecom4Good.org to get started today.

Set up a demo of the Meraki MV Smart Cameras in your office for 30 days along with support from a Meraki MV specialist to help you with the setup and configuration so that you can see for yourself in your environment how your nonprofit can benefit.  Take a look at our Shop Cisco Meraki on our website to learn more about each Meraki MV Smart Camera.

Ready to take a proactive approach to your organization's Security? Schedule A Call or Email our IoT team to discuss this further: IOT@Telecom4Good.org

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cisco Meraki MV Cameras?

Cisco Meraki MV Cameras are a range of smart security cameras designed for nonprofits. They offer cloud-managed, high-quality video surveillance to help nonprofits enhance security and operational efficiency.

How can Cisco Meraki MV Cameras benefit nonprofit organizations?

Cisco Meraki MV Cameras provide nonprofits with enhanced security, remote monitoring, and data analytics capabilities. They help nonprofits protect their assets, streamline operations, and improve safety.

Are Cisco Meraki MV Cameras suitable for small nonprofits with limited IT resources?

Yes, Cisco Meraki MV Cameras are designed for ease of use and can be managed without the need for a dedicated IT team. They are user-friendly and accessible for nonprofits of all sizes.

What types of environments can Cisco Meraki MV Cameras monitor?

Cisco Meraki MV Cameras can monitor a wide range of environments, including offices, warehouses, retail spaces, and outdoor areas. They are versatile and adaptable to various nonprofit settings.

How does the cloud-based management of Cisco Meraki MV Cameras benefit nonprofits?

Cloud-based management simplifies camera setup, remote access, and scalability. Nonprofits can manage their cameras from anywhere, ensuring security and operational insights are readily available.

Are there any specific security features to protect the data from Cisco Meraki MV Cameras?

Yes, Cisco Meraki MV Cameras come with robust security measures, including encryption, access controls, and secure boot. They are designed to keep data safe and prevent unauthorized access.

Telecom4Good Commitment

To help nonprofits access technology that positions them to further their mission and serve others with confidence

see a world where technology is used to impact the lives of others.

To see all nonprofits have technology that advances the causes they care about

Telecom4Good understands your desire to care for others. As a nonprofit ourselves, our team knows firsthand how the right technology advances your mission.

That’s why we set out to ensure all nonprofits get the solutions they need to improve efficiencies while empowering their organization. We believe all nonprofits deserve access to systems and networks that won’t hold them back but instead allow them to maximize their efforts.

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