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Meraki MV Cameras, Enhance nonprofit security and surveillance. Monitor premises efficiently and ensure safety with Meraki's solutions today.

Posted Monday, September 06, 2023

Enhancing Nonprofit Security with Cisco Meraki MV Cameras

Nonprofit organizations play a crucial role in our society, addressing a wide range of issues from hunger and healthcare to education and environmental conservation. However, ensuring the safety and security of their premises and resources is equally vital. In this article, we delve into the innovative world of Cisco Meraki MV Cameras and how they are transforming the security landscape for nonprofits.

In an era where technology reigns supreme, the challenges nonprofits face are ever-evolving. While they tirelessly work to make the world a better place, they must also protect their assets, employees, and the communities they serve. Cisco Meraki MV Cameras are at the forefront of this mission, offering nonprofits a cost-effective, user-friendly, and highly efficient solution for video surveillance. This article explores the ways in which Meraki MV Cameras are empowering nonprofits to achieve their goals securely and efficiently.

Meraki MV Cameras represent a paradigm shift in video surveillance for nonprofits. These cameras offer a cloud-based approach that eliminates the need for complex hardware and intricate setups. The result is a streamlined, cost-effective solution that provides nonprofits with the tools they need to safeguard their premises. Throughout this article, we will uncover how Meraki MV Cameras have become a game-changer in the nonprofit sector.

Meraki MV Cameras Overview

Cisco Meraki MV Cameras are revolutionizing the way nonprofits approach security. Traditional security systems can be costly and complicated, often requiring extensive technical expertise to install and maintain. Meraki MV Cameras, however, offer a user-friendly, cloud-managed solution that simplifies video surveillance for nonprofits of all sizes.

One of the key advantages of Meraki MV Cameras is their centralized management. This cloud-based approach provides nonprofits with complete visibility and control over their security infrastructure. With a single dashboard for managing all network devices and services, nonprofits can efficiently monitor and manage their security, even with limited resources.

Meraki MV Cameras cater to a multitude of security needs, making them versatile tools for nonprofits. Whether it's protecting offices, monitoring visitor access, safeguarding valuable assets, ensuring compliance with regulations, maintaining security during events, or remotely overseeing multiple locations, Meraki MV Cameras provide solutions. Nonprofits can now efficiently allocate their resources to focus on their core missions.

Cisco Meraki Mt Sensors Family Examples

Meraki MV Cameras, Features

Smart Motion Analysis with Search Capabilities

  • Incorporates advanced motion analysis features such as Motion Search, Motion Recap, and Motion Heatmap.
  • Employs intelligent object detection powered by machine learning.
  • Eliminates the need for additional software or browser plug-ins.
  • Utilizes cloud-enhanced edge storage, reducing infrastructure requirements by eliminating the need for an NVR (Network Video Recorder).

Enhanced Security and Firmware Assurance

  • Utilizes secure boot and signed firmware, reinforced by a hardware security chip.
    Offers granular user access controls for added security.
  • Simplifies installation with wireless capability, providing increased flexibility.
    Streamlines operation through the intuitive Meraki dashboard.
  • Easily scales to accommodate deployments of any size, from a single camera to thousands.

Cutting-Edge Architecture for Effortless Management

Meraki MV Architecture

  • Meraki's extensive experience in distributed computing introduces a new level of simplicity to security camera deployments. By integrating cloud-enhanced edge storage, MV smart cameras redefine the ease of installation, configuration, and operation. The elimination of the need for a network video recorder (NVR) not only reduces equipment CAPEX but also streamlines the overall architecture, resulting in minimized lifetime OPEX costs.

  • Each MV smart camera boasts integrated, ultra-reliable, industrial-grade storage, representing a leap in technology. This innovative feature allows the system to seamlessly scale to accommodate any size, with storage capacity expanding with the addition of each camera. Furthermore, since the video data is stored locally, administrators can have peace of mind, knowing that even in the event of a network connection disruption, the cameras will continue to record footage.
Meraki MV Cameras Family Cutting Edge Arquitecture

Integrated Wireless for Flexible Deployments

Thanks to the primary storage being located on the camera itself, minimal bandwidth is consumed unless video playback is actively in progress. This distinctive architecture opens the door to wireless deployment of MV smart cameras, exerting negligible impact on the network infrastructure. All MV cameras come equipped with built-in wireless functionality, which means they can be effortlessly deployed without the necessity for new cabling to establish connectivity. This wireless deployment option not only provides organizations with a straightforward pathway to upgrade from analog cameras but also eliminates the requirement for re-cabling. Moreover, it grants enhanced flexibility, particularly for remote or temporary sites.

Meraki MV Cameras Wireless Configuration Diagram

Simply Cloud Managed

Meraki's advanced web-based dashboard has transformed networks globally and now extends these advantages to networked video surveillance. It simplifies operations significantly. With zero-touch setup, remote issue resolution, and centralized management, it erases many long-standing administrative challenges. The Meraki dashboard and Meraki Vision portal, tailored for video viewing and interaction, render the requirement for video management software (VMS) obsolete. This means that managing your surveillance system is more straightforward than ever before.

MT Sensors Cloud First Approach

Effortless Access and Total Control

Accessing and managing your surveillance system is a breeze with the Meraki dashboard and Vision portal. Whether you're nearby or far away, thanks to automatic cloud proxy, you have the flexibility to view and control your video content. That means you can easily check your footage on various devices without getting bogged down by software installations, plug-ins, or the headache of setting up VPNs.

To make sure that users only see what they're supposed to, the Meraki dashboard offers detailed controls. These controls let organizations set exactly what a user can or can't do. For instance, a store manager doesn't need to mess with camera settings or access cameras at other stores they're not in charge of. Plus, there are camera-only roles that allow administrators to prevent security staff from tinkering with network settings, limit views to specific cameras, or put the brakes on video exports. Access logs keep tabs on video views, exports, and more.

The beauty of the Meraki cloud authentication setup is that it scales smoothly for any organization. It also supports Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) integration. If you're part of a larger, dynamic organization, you can configure camera permissions based on roles rather than handling them one by one. This simplifies security management and ensures that access remains secure and structured.

Meraki MV Cameras Admin Configure View Roles Diagram

Robust Security and Seamless Updates

Centralized cloud management provides one of the most secure platforms for camera operations. MV smart cameras are designed with multiple layers of security, including Cisco Trust Anchor Modules, secure boot, firmware image signing, and runtime defenses. These features make the cameras highly resilient to tampering.

To safeguard your camera access, it's encrypted using a public key infrastructure (PKI) that includes individual camera certificates. Additionally, local video data is automatically encrypted, providing an extra layer of protection. Importantly, all of these security measures are enabled by default, so there's no need for user configuration, and they can't be switched off.

Software updates are handled automatically, ensuring that you receive new features and swift security updates without any hassle. Scheduled maintenance windows guarantee that the MV family remains aligned with user requirements by delivering new features as part of the cloud service. This means your surveillance system stays secure and up-to-date with minimal effort on your part.

Enhancing Processes and Gaining Business Insights

Optimized Storage

MV smart cameras offer a range of flexible options for video quality and storage policies, catering to various deployment scenarios. The dashboard provides real-time estimates for how different settings, such as bit-rate, frame-rate, and features like motion-based retention and scheduled recordings, impact video storage.

With motion-based retention, cameras always retain continuous recording of the most recent 72 hours as a safety net. Beyond this period, the camera intelligently trims footage that lacks motion. This capability is made possible because MVs analyze video directly on the camera and index it in the cloud. Activating motion-based retention is as simple as clicking a button, and it can significantly extend on-camera storage.

Schedule records

Scheduling features allow users to define when cameras should record and when they shouldn't. You can create schedule templates for groups of cameras, ensuring that you store only what's necessary or even opt to turn off recording to focus on live footage.

Regardless of the combination you choose, the dashboard provides real-time estimates for how long each camera's storage will last. This eliminates guesswork and simplifies the process of setting recording policies that align with your deployment's requirements. For organizations subject to strict regulatory storage mandates, optional licenses for 30, 90, 180, and 365 days of Cloud Archive storage are available, ensuring compliance and data retention.

Meraki MV Cameras Optimized Retention Diagram

Effortless Video Viewing

Accessing video is a breeze, no matter where you are or what device you're using. Whether you're on a laptop, desktop, or tablet, you can effortlessly view video through a web browser using the Meraki Vision portal. Alternatively, you can enjoy a native software experience by installing the progressive web app (PWA). On smaller mobile devices like phones, the Meraki app enables you to stay connected and view video while on the move.

MV smart cameras are designed to be bandwidth-friendly. They intelligently stream video on either the local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) depending on your connection. If your viewing device is locally connected to the camera, the video is streamed directly from the camera, minimizing the use of WAN bandwidth. When viewing video remotely, the dashboard automatically creates a secure cloud proxy to stream video to your device. The best part? This all happens seamlessly, without the need for special software, plug-ins, or complex firewall configurations.

Streamlining video monitoring is made easy with features like the drag-and-drop video wall. Whether you're on-site or remote, you can configure video walls with up to 16 camera feeds per view wall. These views can be set to rotate at specific intervals, allowing you to cycle through various perspectives effortlessly. Plus, you can set up motion alerts to receive notifications about any activity, including the presence of people, even when you're not actively watching the video feed. This keeps you informed and in control at all times.

Smart Event Isolation

Meraki MV smart cameras employ intelligent motion search to swiftly pinpoint critical video segments within hours of recordings. This technology is fine-tuned to eliminate noise and false alarms, making it effortless for users to retrospectively focus on relevant events. In the Vision portal, you can simply select the specific area of the scene that interests you, and the Meraki platform will provide a summary of the activities that took place in that region during the specified timeframe.

For instance, if you've misplaced your laptop, you can effortlessly find out when and by whom it was moved. Just drag your mouse over the area where it was last seen to get quick answers.

Motion Recap takes event summarization to the next level by condensing activity into a single image. This composite image is generated within the camera and is displayed as Motion Search results in the dashboard. This powerful feature saves you time by allowing you to grasp the events of a 30-second video clip in a fraction of a second with just a glance.

Once you've identified important footage, the dashboard simplifies sharing. Video clips can be exported from the camera, shared via a link, and downloaded as easily viewable MP4 files. No proprietary file formats or special players are needed. After exporting video, you can verify the file's integrity using the SHA256 export verification feature embedded in the dashboard. There are also options for sharing video links and a snapshot tool, which comes in handy for sharing still images.

Meraki MV Isolated Events Graphic

Inbuilt Analytics for Enhanced Insights

Every MV smart camera boasts an industry-leading processor that brings advanced analytics, driven by computer vision and machine learning, within easy reach. Implementing these analytics is now hassle-free, scalable, and cost-effective. MV smart cameras are capable of detecting, classifying, and tracking objects like people and vehicles within the frame. This functionality delivers valuable insights into office foot traffic or customer behavior patterns directly from the camera, viewable in the dashboard. No need for additional servers, specialized software, or dedicated hardware.

Motion heatmaps offer a comprehensive overview of relative motion in a specific area, broken down hour-by-hour or day-by-day. This paints a clear picture of motion trends, helping you understand hotspots, congestion points, and peak and idle times. These capabilities enable you to expect more from your cameras beyond just security.

In addition to visual analysis, MV smart cameras possess audio analytics capabilities. Using the same machine learning and artificial intelligence as object detection, these cameras can identify alarms, sirens, and provide overall decibel levels for an area. Audio detection can be valuable for integrating video with alarm systems, resulting in improved alerting and faster incident response. Additionally, the measurement of overall noise levels can be beneficial for architectural acoustics.

MV Analytics But Right

Part of something bigger

Cameras are like a single piece in a giant jigsaw puzzle of security. The information they capture can help us understand what's happening in the whole picture. MV smart cameras have something called APIs that act like a bridge. They can connect the camera's view to other things, like understanding how a business works.

With these APIs, we can get videos or pictures automatically when special things happen, like when someone swipes a card to enter a building or when there's a sale at a store. There's also something called MV Sense, which helps us understand even more from what the camera sees. It's like getting extra clues to solve a mystery without needing to buy more tools or software. So, smarter cameras can actually save money.

Meraki Cameras Part Of Something Bigger
Meraki MV Bigger Of Something Bigger

Expanding MV Cameras features With MT Sensor Options

As powerful as videos are, keeping tabs on physical spaces means knowing more than just what meets the eye. Meraki MT sensors do a great job of giving us insights that don't rely on visuals. They help organizations cut down on unexpected network hiccups, prevent asset losses, and boost eco-friendliness. Now, we're taking things up a notch with two new sensors - the MT14 and MT30.

Let's dive into the MT14 first. It's an indoor air quality sensor that helps organizations improve comfort and safety. This sensor keeps an eye on things like humidity, TVOCs, PM2.5, and noise levels. By doing this, it helps organizations create cozier settings that can enhance employee productivity and make customers' experiences even better.

Next up is the MT30, which is like a smart button. It's designed to make everyday tasks easier or set off specific actions. When paired with the new automation builder in the Meraki dashboard, organizations can design their workflows to automate all sorts of jobs. For example, it can alert staff when a customer needs help, turn off Wi-Fi to help students concentrate at school, manage supplies on a manufacturing line, or control office lighting to save energy. Curious to try them out?.
Read More About: Meraki MT Sensors

Cisco Meraki MT Sensors Connectivity

Meraki MV Cameras, Use Cases

Office Security Enhancement

Meraki MV Cameras offer real-time monitoring and instant alerts, enhancing the safety of nonprofit office spaces.

Visitor Access Control

Nonprofits frequently host events and welcome visitors. Meraki MV Cameras help in managing and securing visitor access, ensuring safety during such occasions.

Asset Protection

Valuable equipment and resources can be protected from theft and unauthorized access, providing nonprofits with peace of mind.

Regulatory Compliance

Nonprofits dealing with strict regulatory requirements can rely on Meraki MV Cameras to ensure adherence and accountability.

Remote Monitoring

With cloud-based management, nonprofits can remotely monitor multiple locations, making it ideal for organizations with a widespread presence.

Event Security

Events are a significant part of nonprofit activities. Meraki MV Cameras contribute to the safety of fundraising events, ensuring smooth operations and attendee security.

Meraki Cameras Use Cases

Meraki MV Cameras family comes in 3 categories

Meraki MV Cameras are available in various categories tailored to specific needs:

Cisco Meraki MV12 Indoor Camera

Indoor Cameras

Ideal for office and facility security, these cameras offer high-definition video capture and advanced analytics.

Cisco Meraki MV2 Product Image Front


Narrow-Angle Fixed Lens
1080P video recording with H.264
103° field of view
256GB integrated storage


Cisco Meraki Mv12 Front Image


Indoor Narrow-Angle Fixed Lens
1080P video recording with H.264
103° field of view
256GB integrated storage

Cisco Meraki MV12WE Front Image


Indoor Wide-Angle Fixed Lens
1080P video recording with H.264
114° field of view
128GB integrated storage

Cisco Meraki MV12W Front Image


Indoor Wide-Angle Fixed Lens
1080P video recording with H.264
114° field of view
256GB integrated storage

Cisco Meraki MV22 Front Image


Indoor Varifocal Dome Lens
1080p video recording with H.264
3-9 mm varifocal lens
256GB integrated storage

Cisco Meraki MV22 Front Image


Indoor Varifocal Dome Lens
4MP video recording with H.264
3-9 mm varifocal lens
512GB integrated storage

Cisco Meraki MV32 Front Image


Fisheye 360° Visibility Lens
8.4MP sensor with up to 2058 x 2058 recording
180° horizontal and vertical fields of view capture the whole scene
256GB integrated storage

Cisco Meraki Mv52 Camera Image

Outdoor Cameras

Designed for perimeter surveillance, outdoor cameras come equipped with weather-resistant features to withstand various outdoor conditions.

Cisco Meraki Mv52 Camera Image


Outdoor Ultra-long-range Varifocal Lens
12-40 mm focal length varifocal lens
12-37° horizontal FoV
4K video recording with H.264
256GB integrated storage


Meraki MV63 Security Camera


Outdoor wide-angle fixed Lens
1/2.8” 8.41MP (3854x2176)
progressive CMOS image sensor
256GB SSD high-endurance storage


Meraki MV63 Security Camera


Outdoor wide-angle fixed Lens
1/2.8” 8.41MP (3854x2176)
progressive CMOS image sensor
1TB SSD high-endurance storage


Cisco Meraki Mv72 Security Camera Image


Outdoor Varifocal Lens
1080p video recording with H.264
3-9 mm varifocal lens
256GB integrated storage


Cisco Meraki Mv72 Security Camera Image


Outdoor Varifocal Lens
4MP video recording with H.264
3-9 mm varifocal lens
512GB integrated storage


Meraki MV93 Security Camera


Outdoor Fisheye 360° Visibility Lens
1/2.3” 12.4MP (4072x3046) progressive CMOS image sensor
High-performance fisheye lens
256GB integrated storage

Meraki MV93 Security Camera


Outdoor Fisheye 360° Visibility Lens
1/2.3” 12.4MP (4072x3046) progressive CMOS image sensor
High-performance fisheye lens
1TB integrated storage

Meraki MV Cameras Licenses

Meraki MV Enterprise License

Meraki MV Enterprise License

The Meraki Enterprise Cloud Controller lets administrators build secure and scalable wireless networks quickly, easily, and at a lower cost.

Meraki MV Cloud License Archive

Meraki MV Day Cloud Archive License

Cloud archive options for MV cameras fill these gaps by allowing for 30, 90, 180 or 365 days of continuous backup recording.

Meraki MV Sense License

Meraki MV Sense License

Allow users to further utilize the MV machine-learning based computer vision outputs via API to create custom business solutions


  • Each Meraki MV Cameras requires a software license to operate

Cisco Meraki MV Cameras Conclusion

In conclusion, Cisco Meraki MV Cameras are revolutionizing nonprofit security. Their user-friendly, cloud-based solution provides nonprofits with the tools they need to safeguard their premises and assets while optimizing their resource allocation. Meraki MV Cameras not only enhance security but also drive cost savings and operational efficiency, allowing nonprofits to channel their efforts where they matter most: their mission.

As nonprofits continue to evolve and address complex challenges, Meraki MV Cameras stand as a beacon of innovation. They empower nonprofits to navigate an increasingly interconnected and data-driven world confidently. With Meraki, nonprofits can focus on what truly matters: making a positive impact on society.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cisco Meraki MV Cameras?

Cisco Meraki MV Cameras are a range of smart security cameras designed for nonprofits. They offer cloud-managed, high-quality video surveillance to help nonprofits enhance security and operational efficiency.

How can Cisco Meraki MV Cameras benefit nonprofit organizations?

Cisco Meraki MV Cameras provide nonprofits with enhanced security, remote monitoring, and data analytics capabilities. They help nonprofits protect their assets, streamline operations, and improve safety.

Are Cisco Meraki MV Cameras suitable for small nonprofits with limited IT resources?

Yes, Cisco Meraki MV Cameras are designed for ease of use and can be managed without the need for a dedicated IT team. They are user-friendly and accessible for nonprofits of all sizes.

What types of environments can Cisco Meraki MV Cameras monitor?

Cisco Meraki MV Cameras can monitor a wide range of environments, including offices, warehouses, retail spaces, and outdoor areas. They are versatile and adaptable to various nonprofit settings.

How does the cloud-based management of Cisco Meraki MV Cameras benefit nonprofits?

Cloud-based management simplifies camera setup, remote access, and scalability. Nonprofits can manage their cameras from anywhere, ensuring security and operational insights are readily available.

Are there any specific security features to protect the data from Cisco Meraki MV Cameras?

Yes, Cisco Meraki MV Cameras come with robust security measures, including encryption, access controls, and secure boot. They are designed to keep data safe and prevent unauthorized access.

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