Give Free Wi-Fi

In collaboration with Cisco Meraki and participating nonprofit organizations, Telecom4Good has developed a program to provide free Wi-Fi to local communities where nonprofits work. The Give Free Wi-Fi program uses the Internet to share access to educational resources that facilitate sustainable solutions.

​​What is the Give Free Wi-Fi program?

The Give Free Wi-Fi program connects rural communities to educational resources on the Internet. This simple online portal focuses on six core topics: learning, health, agriculture, job training, communication, and giving back. Through our partnership with local NGOs and Cisco Meraki, we created a secure, resource-rich learning environment that fosters personal development and community-wide growth.

How does Give Free Wi-Fi work?

Telecom4Good and Cisco Meraki provide participating nonprofits with a Meraki security appliance and an outdoor access point to broadcast a secure Wi-Fi signal within a 1-4 mile radius. The Wi-Fi signal becomes available to nearby communities after business hours and on weekends. Organizations that participate in the Give-Free Wi-Fi program also receive 75% off Cisco Meraki equipment to support other IT needs.

​Why should you give free Wi-Fi?

Learning is a powerful tool that can change lives, expanding the mind to find solutions beyond its current environment and past experiences. Your existing relationships with underserved communities are the perfect avenue to introduce Internet access. Providing free Wi-Fi connection to those you already work with can complement your programs and increase your impact without needing any additional funds or staff.

Through education and collaboration, people can achieve incredible things.

​Access to 6 Empowering Online Modules

These resources are designed for community members to learn information that can help them create a better way of life, develop their community, and promote sustainable solutions.


Classic educational resources to explore a new language, math, science, humanities, and much more


Medical modules to research health conditions and concerns with the ability to communicate with doctors and nurses with questions


Resources to learn what vegetables and plants grow best in each region to help create sustainable food sources for communities


Courses focused on ​job readiness, local job opportunities, and resume and social media profile writing


Access to email accounts and personal communications platforms like Skype to exchange with family and friends

​Giving Back

Direct link to the sponsoring NGO’s website to maintain transparency about the NGO's mission and programs

Our Goal
Telecom4Good assists nonprofits free of charge. Our goal is to help nonprofit organizations enrich local communities without increasing operational expenses. We care about our partners reaching their full potential and want them to get the most out of their Internet connection. Our hope is that by introducing online learning opportunities, communities will flourish and create positive change.

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