Free Internet to Rural Schools and Health Centers Program

​​Empowering Centers of Learning and Healing

Through one of our newest programs, ​Telecom4Good provides safe and secure Internet service to rural schools and ​health centers​. These hubs are rich in potential to make a positive impact in people’s lives, but are lacking in resources. Our goal is to empower them to take their efforts to new heights through knowledge found on the Internet.

Why focus on Internet access?

The Internet is the most efficient way to provide educational materials. It allows people to learn from contexts outside their current environments. As Internet users apply their newfound knowledge, they can create concrete solutions for their communities’ existing and future problems. In today's globally inter-connected world, Internet access should be available to everyone.  Supporting schools and healthcare centers is essential for creating change in communities.

How do those in need receive free WiFi?

This initiative is funded by a commitment of 75 cents of every dollar earned through our fee-based network management and support programs. Telecom4Good takes 100% responsibility for the costs and management associated with giving secure Internet service to those in need. We handle the project all the way through—from Internet service negotiation and shipping equipment to installation and maintenance. The recipients have none of the burden and all of the benefits.

What equipment will these centers receive?

We provide schools and urgent care centers with Cisco Meraki security appliances and access points. If needed, we can also provide switches, security cameras, and IP phones. We want to empower these hubs to expand their impact and further develop their work using professional-grade technologies. Internet service facilitates the work that educators, health workers, and community leaders do best. By increasing connectivity, we promote personal development and community growth.

We make safe and secure Internet available for educational opportunities and in healthcare settings to build stronger communities. 

Knowledge is the power that can fuel progress.

Providing Full IT Management and Support to Ensure Success

Telecom4Good fully supports the cost, setup, training, and maintenance of the Internet service and the Cisco Meraki telecommunications equipment we provide. We bring the knowledge and assistance necessary to promote learning and youth development and to facilitate the life-saving work of healthcare professionals.

Do you know of a school or hospital that could use free Internet service to improve their mission?

Let Telecom4Good provide free Internet to those in need.

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