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Meraki C9300L-24T-4X-M

High-performing access switches for demanding enterprise environments
The Catalyst 9300L-M addresses the most demanding enterprise applications by combining the simplicity of the Meraki dashboard with powerful switching hardware

SKU: C9300L-24T-4X-M

Meraki C9300L-24T-4X-M Catalyst Switch

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Meraki Retail Price

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SKU: C9300L-24T-4X-M


The Catalyst 9300L-M addresses the most demanding enterprise applications by combining the simplicity of the Meraki dashboard with powerful switching hardware. To satisfy high-bandwidth applications and the deployment of high-speed 802.11ax/wifi-6 access points, the Catalyst 9300L-M provides multigigabit ports, 320GB stacking with four fixed 10G uplinks. The Catalyst 9300L-M delivers resiliency with fast stack convergence. The Catalyst 9300L-M provides Adaptive Policy using an over-the-wire tag which segments traffic into security groups to deliver scalable security. The Catalyst 9300L-M is integrated under the Meraki dashboard to provide a simply powerful solution to the most demanding wired access applications.

Adaptive Policy provides simple & scalable security policies to segment traffic using Security Groups. Security Groups are created in the dashboard using natural language such as “IOT device” & “Guest.” The security policy intent (e.g., Permit or Deny) is then simply provisioned between Security Groups which results in the segmentation of each group’s traffic. By making security policy management intuitive and scalable relative to legacy IP-address based Access Control Lists, Adaptive Policy empowers operators to confidently secure their network traffic independent of future network changes.

A Catalyst 9300L switch can also be migrated to a Meraki-managed persona, where it would function as its Catalyst Meraki 9300L-M equivalent. For details on the migration process, please refer to our Getting started: Cisco Catalyst 9300 with Meraki Dashboard guide.

24 Ports

24-port 1 GbE Data with 4x 10G/1G fixed uplinks


- Layer-3
- Four SFP+(10G/1G) fixed uplinks on all models
- mGig support on UPOE models
- 320G Dual Dedicated Hardware Stacking Ports
- 60W UPoE Support (802.3bt)
- Redundant hotswappable power supplies and replaceable fans


- Managed via Cisco Meraki Dashboard
- Zero-touch remote provisioning (no staging needed)
- Basic configuration capability via local management page
- Detailed historical per-port and per-client usage statistics
- Operating System, device, and hostname fingerprinting
- Automatic firmware upgrades with scheduling control
- SNMP and SYSLOG support for integration with other network - management solutions*

Remote Diagnostics

- Email, SMS and Mobile push notification alerts
- Ping, traceroute, cable testing, and link failure detection with alerting
- Remote packet capture
- Dynamic and interactive network discovery and topology
- Combined event and configuration change logs with instant search

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